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Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Hollywood, CA

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Members: Addison Kowalski


  • Zach said:
    Normally, I don't pay for music. *COUGH. But I paid for this on itunes. Worth the money, happy to support. Aug 16
  • LiGhtNiNg Vs SnoW said:
    omg your song sweet wendy is amazing ...i love you Aug 14
  • Musical.Earmuffs said:
    LOVE IT! :D Go on tour? You know, around SF? I'd gooooo... Aug 14
  • Scream!Sydneyy. said:
    I love all of your songs, thier all adorable. Good job, (: May 19
  • Megannn, said:
    I just love this soo much(: Apr 15
  • E M I Z Z L E said:
    MOCOFACE Mar 21
  • E M I Z Z L E said:
    Yoo, you really amazed me. I was anticipating a whole other style. I like this better than my potential thought. ;] Mar 21
  • Taylorrr! said:
    kellogg's for dinnerrrrr Mar 21
  • Jocelyn said:
    A M A Z I N G . pleeease make some for download? Especially 'Baby, You've Got the Wrong Impression' Mar 11
  • Emily said:
    Bay Area, CA - REPRESENT! Mar 07
  • wank-chung said:
    sweet. a one man band. sounds cool Mar 06
  • Caitlin said:
    wow, you're amazing :] Mar 06
  • Uka, said:
    lovelove mocoface ^^ Mar 06
  • Malachi said:
    Search “PLAY THE BONES” or don’t. but if you do and you hate our stuff just tell us we suck, it might make you feel better about the situation =] anyways Hope you like it http://www.purevolume.com/Playthebones Mar 06
  • leckss said:
    brilliant. (: Mar 05

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