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Pretty Buildings

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Added May 16, 2008

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  • The End is SoonEr than You ThiNk. said:
    i want to buy this video so bad for my iPod!!!! I absolutely love it and i don't know where to get it! ack! Apr 17
  • KAIT# 12 said:
    omg this song is insane so powerful i Apr 07
  • Mike Borgia said:
    I always love this band! very powerful song. I will be buying this new record. It's nice to hear real music for a change adn not the same watered down emo crybaby stuff. Apr 01
  • cyborgshell said:
    This was really impressive. Once the video started I had to watch it the whole way through. Powerful music and great videography :) Apr 01
  • trisauro said:
    cool! really cool!master peace! we hope u listen to us! we are TRISAURO from Argentina www.purevolume.com/belisario TRISAURO rock n peace! Mar 31
  • Yuki said:
    Wooh, this made me cry... this song and vid are amazing! Mar 30
  • tina said:
    i love it! Mar 29
  • xXxEvanxXx♥ said:
    love these guys! great vid!! more coming?? im game ill film it for ya! :-) Mar 28
  • !mclovin said:
    This has helped me. thank you for helping me, thank you So much. Mar 27
  • Geeheezus said:
    great song, beautiful video. the song goes with the video SO well too. Mar 27
  • !mclovin said:
    Very epic video, good job. =) Mar 26
  • Graceland said:
    love the ink part.. pretty =] Mar 26
  • Chris923 said:
    Wow! I love the song, both this and the sweet acoustic version, and this video is a lovely compliment. Mar 26
  • Stephanie said:
    such a good song, the videa was amazing too. Mar 26
  • nick700 said:
    wicked Mar 26