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  • marekwaman commented on:Electric Flower
    You are awesome! 3 days ago
  • Rena commented on:Peyton Myers
    SUP FAG. no one loves you but me. 4 days ago
  • Valentina Moza commented on:listeners
    Hi I'm Valentina, I'm a self-produced musician who writes original music. I do the programming/composition/arrangement/lyrics and vocals for professional, high quality and inspirational Gospel/Chri… 4 days ago
  • commented on:SayWeCanFly
    Just posted a little video about my motivations on my blog channel :) much love http://t.co/Dsgj7yo1gY http://t.co/HP6cOEAQFG http://t.co/hU18K3rdWI http://t.co/LhHFaXiiiT http://t.co/SxjheJfLfe ht… 4 days ago
  • mirekpraski commented on:Away from you
    Great! 4 days ago
  • countT_Tshan commented on:ICE CREAM ATTACK!
    I'm a filipino and I love your band! I'll spread the word for you! 6 days ago
  • Ubinta commented on:Relient K
    I like this! 6 days ago
  • Eric Wilkes commented on:I Rival
    Hey guys! We have gathered a couple of original members and are looking at putting out a new CD! Sorry it has been a while but I am working on getting access to this account so we can keep you guy… 6 days ago
  • Julie Henriksen commented on:Kaiser Chiefs
    Love this! 6 days ago
  • Jewels commented on:Confide
    All Is Calm! ♥ 1 week ago
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