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  • Duke Gibo commented on:Elephantis
    sOOOO gOOOD thanx for the free mp3 downloads 2 days ago
  • drewboy commented on:A Skylit Drive
    So sad that ASD are now disbanded. :( 3 days ago
  • XMattyXSeXusX commented on:Marilyn Manson
    thank you for being such a gifted artist and inspiration in my life! 5 days ago
  • Ariana commented on:Paramore
    We want you playing in Argentinaaaaa!!!!!!! Please comeeeee!!! 6 days ago
  • exnohs commented on:Northstar
    And I still miss you to this day. 6 days ago
  • Olan commented on:Skylar's Dream
    how can i download this music?=(( 1 week ago
  • Tommaso commented on:Io e i Gomma Gommas
    I più grandi, mitici, simpatici, divertenti, fenomenali, spettacolari, incredibili, fantastici e straordinari al mondo, Fab Four Gomminiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) 1 week ago
  • Laura commented on:Trophy (Band)
    I heard Bury Me on Pandora a few years back and died a little inside when I couldn't find anything else. You guys make great music! 1 week ago
  • Michelle commented on:Set It Off
    can't believe i wasn't a fan on purevolume of you guys well now i am :) 1 week ago
  • elmanysat commented on:hechirol
    where is music 1 week ago
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