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Pencey Prep


Genres: Screamo / Indie / Rock

Location: USA

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Members: Frank, Hambone, Shaun, Neil, Tim

Pencey Prep was a band from NJ, on Eyeball records circa 2000-2001. Frank Iero currently plays guitar for My Chemical Romance, Neil Sabatino and John "Hambone" Mcguire currently play in Fairmont.

The full album of Heartbreak in Stereo can now be purchased through Eyeball Records.


  • dArDeViL said:
    u guys are awesome!!! Nov 06
  • imamonsterrr. :] said:
    i love youu guys :) Feb 27
  • dessidollface said:
    your an awsome singer frank u should be a back up singer on my chemical romance Jan 22
  • courtney said:
    IM THINKING reunion tour ??? ;) Jul 02
  • Cat said:
    i love you guys!!! especially Eigth Grade! i can listen to that song forever Feb 19
  • ¡hannah! [putstheFUNinDYSFUNCTIONAL](picforpic) said:
    OMG!! frank Iero!! I love you!! wOOt!! Jul 25
  • Jordan said:
    You're my favorite. Jun 17
  • nina said:
    u rock :------) yayy ! Feb 07
  • sagetherageee said:
    Screw MCR. You should steal Frank and make a comeback. Feb 01
  • muzikownsmyheart said:
    love you guys! catcher in the rye is awesome! Dec 09
  • Jasmine Tragedy™ said:
    Hey guys! I miss you so much! Hambone, I miss you the most. =] I don\'t think that Frank checks this thing... and you said that you haven\'t spoken to him in a while, otherwise I\'d say that I miss you and Frank. haha Buuut, I just saw Frank on Friday and Saturday. I talked to him on the phone just this morning, so I guess he doesn\'t count, huh. hahaha XD Well, I hope you guys are all alive and kickin\'! %u2665 Jas PS Hambone, we have to talk more. =] I\'ll give you my cell # if you wanna chat. It\'d be nice. Oct 22
  • Swiperthesneakyhamster said:
    I like you frank Aug 11
  • NExZ said:
    I\'ve never listened Frank Iero singing... I\'ve heard better voices... but I like it. It\'s a cool band. Jul 19
  • Mother War said:
    I was so glad the other day when I found your album amongst all of the MCR albums. I brought it home and immediately listened to it. It\'s great. I think that you should get back together and maybe tour in your spare time, I\'d so be there! Anyway, love you. P.S. My ex is exactly 10 Rings. -kiss- Jun 08
  • IChoose2Liston said:
    hey ive recently decided to check out old bands of that some of my faves were in and ive got to say im sad that u guys srnt together any more nut then again glad u did. this is starting to sound like the argument i have with my self over aquateen hunger force. lol. May 31

Heartbreak In Stereo

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