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Pedals of the Heart

Sorry Guys For The Long Wait. Hang In There!


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Christian

Location: Memphis, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Drums

We had a dream...well, not exactly. :) Pedals of the Heart started out with a thought of rejection and anger, sort of. Our soon to be drummer and our soon to be vocalist were sitting in the drummer's room feeling sad and upset because they just recently learned that the band they were going to join were breaking up because of some issues. Bummer. That band had a lot of our very close friends in it. So as we were sitting there our vocalist had the amazing idea of starting their own band. He could play piano and sing, kinda, and the drummer could play drums. It was that night that Pedals of the Heart was born. That night was the birthing of awesomeness! :) As soon as the band was formed they had to create some good songs. The first one was I Was Not Alone. The next was No Grace and then a while after that, Best Thing For Me. Our vocalist and our drummer met every Wednesday night after that and just jammed out. Performed for a few family and friends. At this time they were known as, The White Crosses. About two months after the start of the band they aquired an amazing guitarist to take their music to the next level. It was then that the band as a whole decided that The White Crosses should be history. Then again as a whole we decided on Pedals of the Heart. We have been rocking out and having fun since the start of December 2008. We are still rocking out and we don't have any intentions of stopping. We will continue to bring you, (our fans), great music that you can listen to and sing along with while you're in your room with the door locked. :) JK. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy our music.

Pedals of the Heart


  • olivia< 3's you said:
    the newsest version is better, so much potential. the vocals get better as you go through the song - that's the only complaint, the music is beautiful! Aug 07
  • Karincha said:
    The best sound that I listens in my life!!! O.O Oct 25
  • *Shannonononon* said:
    holfreakincow that was amazing... Oct 08
  • *Shannonononon* said:
    holyfreakincow.............. the song "our love" is amazinG!!!! love the lyrics :) whoever wrote them has alot of talent... Oct 08
  • *Shannonononon* said:
    ya'll need to get more songs on here :) awesomenesssesssesss......... Oct 06
  • Marlee :3 ~ said:
    I love your songs. The new version is better :) Aug 19
  • Joe Seaver!! said:
    Get a better recording studio, because you guys have potential. Aug 04
  • Stfu,Samm! said:
    I agree with two thirds of the comments about having a better recording studio. I hope you guys can soon, I really like your sound. (: Aug 01
  • olivia< 3's you said:
    the new version sounds so much better. you have a unique touch to your music. i like it a lot ! the lyrics and the beat and melody are very good, and you can tell in the new version. it's not the best it could be yet, but that comes from a better recording studio and practice. Aug 01
  • shayne loves rose! said:
    could use a better recording studio.. but it's sounding pretty good Jul 31
  • space said:
    Check out www.purevolume.com/ColourKids :) Jul 31
  • =)Marlen(= said:
    sounds much better. keep it up Jul 30
  • Rochelle Evans said:
    new version is great Jul 26
  • megan lynn said:
    you guys are doing great:) love the new version:) Jul 26
  • *Shannonononon* said:
    I like the new version of no grace! its AWESOME! its brings out the uniqueness.......... Jul 25


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