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Pawlus Of Urartu


Genres: Electronic / Experimental

Location: Rochester, MN

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4 tracks

Pawlus Of Urartu is a highly experimental electronica band from Rochester, Minnesota. It is made up of James and Matt, both belonging to the bands "The She-Birds And Elephants" and "RPMO." Pawlus Of Urartu is the more experimental and darker side of James and Matt. They first started working on their concept album "Nuclear Summertime Blues," but then Pawlus Of Urartu and their friend Graham made the "Gray Ham EP" in one recording session. This short-lengthed album is made up of 7 different recordings, 3 of which are between 1 to 3 minutes long and one of which is just an improvisational jam with 2 basses and one guitar. All of these songs on the Gray Ham EP are nearly a complete change from their earlier work on Nuclear Summertime Blues. Pawlus Of Urartu is currently trying to finish recording of Nuclear Summertime Blues which is due to be finished sometime in 2006.