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Pavy Ku


Genres: Rock / Indie / Pop

Location: Norwalk, CT

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Members: Pavy Ku

Pavy is a talented, aspiring musician. Being the sixth child of a family of seven, he has been influenced by many different types of music from old Laotian and Chinese melodies; to hip hop, reggae and of course pop. It wasn't until one fateful day that his father happened to find one of his favorite movies. It was the Beatles movie Help! that introduced Pavy to a whole new sound. He, his older sister and younger brother immediately fell in love with the movie and tried to emulate some of the world's most popular songs. Unfortunately, he was soon separated by his siblings to move in with his older sister since his mother and father were unable to support all the children.

Since moving in with his sister, he tried to perfect his voice although it still sounded a bit childish. Once he reached high school, his voice matured and he joined the school chorus. Being in the school chorus introduced him to show tunes and classical music. At this point, he realized he had a deep and genuine love for all types of music. He then set out to buy an acoustic guitar and taught himself how to play. His passion for music motivated him to write his own, thus creating a fan base supporting his strive for super stardom.

Pavy's music is mostly rock alternative, some pop, and indie but he still adds some influences of sounds that he grew up with. He is not biased with one type of sound which shows that he is a true music lover and incorporates his own in the covers that he makes.




Oct 18, 2008