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Pathos for Pesos


Genres: Folk Rock / Indie / Acoustic

Location: Canada

Stats: 4 fans / 431 plays / 22 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Drew Jamieson,Leo Johnson,Rich Da Silva

It was most likely a warm, bright, sunny day when it all began. At the very least it had to be summer time, there is no doubt about that. Drew Jamiesons girlfriend was away in British Columbia and she only ever went there during the summer. Thats what this was all about in the beginning. Her absence had grabbed a hold of Drew, extracting from him a kind of creative restlessness. If she was going to be across the country for a couple months something had to be accomplished. He wasnt just going to wallow away and have nothing to show for his time alone. That would have been far too much like admitting to helpless dependency. As if he couldnt survive on his own. The moment that she was out of arms reach he would recoil into himself like a garden snail after some small child pokes it in its gooey, retractable feelers. No, things were not going to be that way. The least he could do was fake self-sufficiency.

There are, of course, other elements that conspired to establish this project. Had it not been for the inadequacy of the various other bands that Drew had formed and dismantled, he may have never conceived idea to pick up his fathers acoustic guitar and play something a little less, lets say, abrasive. Although there was already some foundation in that area too. For the last few years Drew had uncovered various acoustic and folksy projects and side projects. Slowly he had fallen in love with the sound of metal strings vibrating through the hollow wooden body of an acoustic guitar (opposed to the toneless, overdriven electric sound that used to exude from his tiny practice amp). And so, armed with the influences of acts like The New Amsterdams, The Pouges, Death Cab for Cutie, and even Neil Young, and Bob Dylan, and fuelled by the unrest that his girlfriends absence had bestowed upon him, Drew tuned his fathers acoustic and strummed a few chords of his own.

But thats not even the end of the story, (in fact it is barely the beginning). Drew only managed to write a measly three songs that summer (not only was the amount measly, the songs werent all that great either). The important thing is that he had started something and whatever it has become since then, it can only be truly understood as the product (or by-product) of its meagre origins.

Almost one year and about a dozen songs later, the one-piece band was actualized. At least Drew had gotten used to the idea of its existence; nobody else knew about it. The name, Pathos for Pesos, is of questionable origin but it is probable that it was derived from a mishearing of an English teacher who was explaining the meaning of pathos, which kind of sounds like pesos. Most of Drews band names come from misapprehensions. Anyway, the act was given a name, and now mostly but infrequently appeared at open mikes.
It just so happened that there was a variety show at Drews high school that year. Although Pathos for Pesos did not perform, some friends asked Drew to play in their band for the show. It was there, during the two nights that the show took place, that Drew encountered what was to become that second member of his acoustic act. Leo Johnson was also playing in this variety show, even though he no longer attended the high school. Leo was a guitarist to say the most. Armed with a scale or two and some finger exercises, Leo managed to take the place of lead guitarist. His riffs sounded most comparably to the way a small child looks when attempting to grasp at something that was placed on a shelf, only just out of reach. It was a perfect compliment to the clumsy rhythm that Drew played while occasionally blowing air through his harmonica.

After playing more open mikes for a few months and having composed a repertoire of over twenty original, the two decided to record something. They had actually already recorded a four song demo that amounted to nothing and is not really worthy of much note. As the duo argued and bickered about their new recording it slowly, very, very slowly came to life. They contacted some other musicians to help them out and even captured a full-time drummer, Rich Da Silva. Finally, with much pain and exertion, they declared what they had accomplish as a complete works. It was a ten song record entitled My Faith in this Disaster (which was the name of a song that got cut from it).

The first chapter in the story of this pseudo-band comes to the close with the acquisition of a bass player, Eric Kools. He was actually an old friend of Leos. With a full four-piece band they adopted some electric guitar sounds making the music somewhat of an alternative-pop-rock-folkin out kind of sound (if youre one of those people who just gotta classify everything). The content rages from Drews girlfriend, out into the social context in which his life sits, and even farther into remote issues that hes only ever read about in newspapers (not to mention deontological arguments both for and against the ambiguous existential notions that permeate from the potential metaphysical ongoing self, which hes pretty sure exists but could not, other than by a purely pragmatic method of differentiation, fundamentally prove).

BAND: pathosforpesos@hotmail.com (ordering cd's,bookings)
LEO JOHNSON: pop_pop_jr@hotmail.com (to chat or booking gigs and genral inquires)




My Faith In This Disaster

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