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Is Pet Dog Training Actually Needed

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"Down" is the sensible obedience command to instruct the puppy after "sit" is well developed. Start by having the pet sit using the shut hand signal method together with the verbal command. Move the hand down and open it, palm facing the ground. "Down" is stated one time in a reduced slow-moving voice. The pet dog's nose will follow the hand in anticipation of a treat. After the dog is lying totally head down on the floor, give a treat from the cost-free hand, together with a lots of praise. This command needs to be exercised verbally and with a hand motion alone in the same way as the sit command. "Sit" and "down" must stay separate commands.

Begin with the sit and down commands, followed by an upward facing open palm with the arm extended. A sharp "stay" will alert the pet dog that this command has actually changed from the "down" instruction. If the dog follows, step forward, and duplicate the "stay" command and gesture. We recommend you check out these recipes for dog biscuits, a fantastic selection of healthy homemade dog biscuit recipes perfect for puppy training!

Training more complicated instructions can be built on these basic commands. As stated previously, a dog can not be anticipated to do an intricate task before understanding these basic principles. Bear in mind that training provides the pet dog not only direction but also reassurance that he is doing his expected job. A good foundation of positively reinforced training will decrease the need for discipline.


Posted Jun 25, 2013 at 4:54am