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The Best Way to Impress a Guy making Him Desire You

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What's the best way to impress a guy making him want you? I'm sure you've heard all types of tactics and strategies to thrill the man you like. But you don't have to make life hard on your own and then try to search for tons of tips to get guy to see you. So why do that when there is one really efficient way to impress a man?

The easiest method to impress a guy will be sexy.

There you have it. It is the something that will get you noticed by the guy you like before you get the opportunity to speak with him.

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But don't think this is about being superficial. Remember, being sexy doesn't only mean you have to have a curvaceous figure and really good looks. You may also be sexy together with your personality. Today, a lot of women have found that beauty isn't everything when it comes to attracting a man.

As a matter of fact, you don't need movie-star looks to be captivating. There are a lot of ways you can be sexy and impress a guy if you are just average-looking.

• Focus on improving your confidence

Confidence does a lot on someone. It radiates your aura. It allows you to push boundaries and do stuff you didn't think you would. Should you didn't think you could be sexy and also the subject of a man's affection, you'll prove yourself wrong once you start believing yourself.

• Dress to thrill

Obviously, you should know how you can dress well. Dress to kill, so they say. Wearing the right clothes will help you look sexy. More importantly, you will feel great yourself. And once you feel that you're stunning, beautiful, attractive, and irresistible, then it would manifest in the manner you look.

• Be articulate

What impress guys more than a woman with good looks is someone with a brain. You need to have substance. Don't be an airhead. A woman who does not have anything sensible to say is a turn-off. Guys might even poke fun at you if you don't know how to say things the best things the right way.

Posted Sep 27, 2012 at 9:54am