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  • unie headbangers said:
    perfecto :'D Aug 11
  • Lavada Rogers said:
    Hayley isn't Paramore!! Paramore is a band!! Jul 15
  • AfricanAmericanRockstarsamantha said:
    Decode sounds very good,it seems beautiful. I have the music video up on my MsRockinsam's YouTube page: youtube.com/MsRockinsam from,purevolume.com/listeners/AfricanAmericanRockstarsamantha myspace.com/rockinsamjenkins Jun 15
  • Trevuhh said:
    very good very good. May 12
  • chris said:
    paramore rrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooocccccccccckkkkkkkkksssssss!!!!!!! i so love her!!!!! Jan 31
  • Jescina said:
    love it!!!!!! :D Oct 29
  • marie anthonette said:
    love this song....... and twilight....;) Feb 10
  • Brenda Mar said:
    ahmazing! twilight was pretty rad :) i lovers this video Jan 27
  • claudia said:
    well i can't see it here but i saw it in its debut on much music....pretty balling! when are you guys coming to canada???!!! I would enjoy a concert quite awsomely!! lol! Jan 06
  • tellm3Why said:
    I can't see the video! >: Jan 03
  • Alohababe said:
    Paramore is so totally amazing!!! you guys should come to montana on your next tour Dec 14
  • Jodie said:
    Omg I Paramore Is actually Awesome I Love you Guys. Dec 06
  • rean said:
    you guys are totally awesome !! long live paramore! Dec 03
  • [GuiltySmiles&StarryEyes] said:
    FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! cant wait to see twilight!! you guys totally rock out yeow!!! Dec 02
  • believemevergie. said:
    The movie sucked ass, but you guys rock :D :D Nov 30
  • Josia said:
    omg thats soo freakin sick cant wait to watch twilight now im glad im watching it today lol IMMORTALLY AMAZING video and song!! Nov 28
  • Marissa said:
    ungodly amazing; i can't get enough of this song! i Nov 27
  • babylove_00 said:
    lol.. i love that fucking songg... its fucking radd Nov 26
  • bitemelindsy said:
    i love that song, its so amazing and i love twilight im obested with the movie and book! Nov 24
  • said:
    this song is awesome, but i dont remember hearing it in twilight....anyway, luv the song, worship the movie Nov 24