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PARADOX (Irish Grunge)



Genres: Alternative / Rock / Grunge

Location: Ireland

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4 tracks

Members: Pete Mac : Vocals, Guitars, Bass (in studio) - John Finn : Bass - Mike Mac : Drums, Vocal Harmonies

PARADOX - A powerful Alternative Rock/Grunge Outfit hailing from Cork, Ireland whose music has gathered rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic for its unique diverse blend of melodic vocals, driven by cutting edge riffs. Formed in 1996 by brothers Pete Mac and Mike Mac the early Paradox sound was heavily influenced by the Grunge Era of the 90's. The band shaped much of their music around many vocal harmonies layered on top of power chord riffs. After playing the local circuit, recording many demos and fine tuning their sound Paradox headed to the US and secured a record deal with an independent label based in Los Angeles, California. Pete and Mike flew out to LA for 2 weeks and recorded their debut album 'Circle of Growth' in December 2000. They both played all instruments on the album as well as producing the album themselves. Paradox continued to tour all over Ireland and the US with many different bass players jumping in for the bands live shows. When they returned from the US the second time they parted ways with their label and decided that the only way to go is DIY. Paradox returned to the studio in January 2003 and recorded 6 new songs that were initially to be released as an EP. Among these tracks was the song 'Lame and Languid' which portrayed a completely new sound for Paradox. In January 2004 Paradox returned yet again to the same studio and recorded another 6 songs including tracks 'Downward Spiral' and 'Pretend Friend'. These 12 songs became 'Sacred' the album. 'Sacred' was a major progression from the bands debut album 'Circle of Growth', veering away from their previous Punk Rock/Grunge sound to a more Melodic Alternative Sound that the band has been thriving to achieve since their creation. Pete and Mike Mac yet again played all instruments on the album. 'Sacred' proved to be a DIY success receiving rave reviews online from fans to online fanzines and radio stations. In 2009 Pete Mac recorded and released his first solo album titled 'In Limbo' followed by a solo tour of Germany. Pete played all instruments as well as producing the album himself. Instead of going to a traditional recording studio Pete also recorded most of the songs using a 4-track. By 2010 Pete and Mike were back rehearsing for a new Paradox album. Entitled 'Corporate Pollution' the album was recorded July 2010 at a secluded studio in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Just like the last two albums Pete and Mike perform all instruments. 'Corporate Pollution' is the third Paradox studio album displaying the bands most powerful sound to date. From the opening track 'Corporate Pollution' with it's churning guitar riffs and political sneers the track seems to somewhat set the tone for the rest of the album. 'Mr. Bureaucracy' was chosen to be the first single with it's fast pulsing riffs and melodic vocal refrains. While the album potrays a much bigger picture than any previous Paradox endeavour the band still maintain their Alternative Rock sound remeniscent of the 90's. Paradox have toured both Europe and the US and have built a steady fanbase worldwide from CD and download sales, their prominent internet presence and in particular word of mouth. Paradox continue to work on a full time professional level , in a bid to ensure they reach their full potential.


PARADOX: Corporate Pollution (2011) - $9.99
Corporate Pollution - Paradox


PARADOX: Mr. Bureaucracy (2010) - $0.99
Mr. Bureaucracy - Single - Paradox


PETE MAC: In Limbo (2009) - $9.99
In Limbo - Pete Mac (Paradox)


PARADOX: Sacred - The Album (2004) - $9.99
Sacred - The Album - Paradox


PARADOX: Circle of Growth (2002) - $9.99

Circle of Growth - Paradox



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    u guys freakin rock ive never heard of you but i checked u out and wow u guys r awesome do yall have ur cd out everywhere well contact and let me know please Dec 22
  • said:
    u guys rock now so i guess im an original listener 4 u guys well keep it up rock on Dec 18

Mr. Bureaucracy (2010)

Dec 16, 2010

Sacred (2004)

May 11, 2004

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