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  • For #TurtleTuesday, we put together a brief studio update, to give you a glimpse into our lives for the last 2-3... http://t.co/QFA7e2MW

    Oct 09, 2012

  • NEW TOUR DATE - we'll be headlining a show in Portland, ME on NOVEMBER 19! Pick up tickets here:... http://t.co/Mr1uOdI4

    Oct 09, 2012

  • Paradise Fears GO TO HELL TOUR with Go Radio! http://t.co/EFfSfumr

    Oct 09, 2012

  • DAY FIFTEEN (after two days off, yes): Playing in San Diego with our friends in The After Party! http://t.co/sboDD2Gq

    Oct 06, 2012

  • New shirts are up for sale on our online merch store! Makes you feel a little patriotic, right? (note: these... http://t.co/L5ZNzlmD

    Oct 05, 2012

  • Campfire covers of City High and Shawn Mullins! http://t.co/Mnhs5Nxo http://t.co/YvRqBZtU

    Oct 04, 2012

  • DAY FOURTEEN: taking a break from the studio to watch the presidential debate, complete with in depth political... http://t.co/P4jtx3rQ

    Oct 03, 2012

  • DAY THIRTEEN: Seeing as it's only me in the studio, I figured I'd take a control room selfie. All vocals, all night. http://t.co/Gc0rw3SR

    Oct 02, 2012

  • In a very unique #TurtleTuesday, we did a live performance of 2 acoustic, campfire covers: "What Would You Do?"... http://t.co/7VBJj0Kr

    Oct 02, 2012

  • make sure to "like" Dave Puente Photography

    Oct 02, 2012