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  • jane said:
    you guys rock!!!!!!!!!! wow! Jul 13
  • Tasha said:
    You guys are absolutely adorable! I LOVE IT! Jun 27
  • Matt said:
    Hey There! If you like pop punk rock then check out Im Prettier Than You! http://www.purevolume.com/ipty May 30
  • perfectdefect said:
    Hey Lucas- so I was in an adventurous mood and came by. I must admit- not only do you lads look dashing in sweater vests, but your sound is rocking. Keep it up- I look forward to your album. May 29
  • leahploradawn said:
    i met sam! :D hes freaking amazing!! May 04
  • Ashley_says_fuck..alot! said:
    :D meet your dude singer yesterday x] you guys are fucking amazing :P 5 stars wweeeeeeewt woo! xD -ashley(: Apr 03
  • maddie jenkins said:
    Cant wait to see u guys in vermi this summer Apr 01
  • Rhetta Nicole said:
    Damn you guys are beautiful. Mar 29
  • faithhaynes said:
    Mar 25
  • Lisa Avnell said:
    Sounds Awesome! Mar 24
  • Jennifer said:
    loved it ♥ .. its good :) Mar 18
  • Carly McElhose said:
    you guys sound great(: love your songs Mar 11
  • dsfsdfsdfs said:
    Sounds good(: Mar 06
  • Kamy said:
    Sweet ^.^ I'll try to buy your stuff, I quite like it actually! Ohhh and your like 6? That's alot haha. Hope you all have fun together tought, your music's pretty good (: Mar 03
  • Lauren said:
    your stuff is ok. but 6 members?? Mar 02
  • Chey's Massacre said:
    Awesome tunes! I really love your music ;) Mar 01
  • Marissa Spalding said:
    You guys are my favorite. especially lucas and sam :) -Marissa Feb 28
  • maddie jenkins said:
    You guys r better than most of the famous singers out there. Why their famous and your not i have no idea.... maybe its cause they're all hamaphrodites...... who knows but im looking forward to going to a concert in vermillion when u guys get done touring! Keep it up guys if u keep doin what u love u'll get ur name out there i just know it.. Plus ur guys' music is amazing Feb 28
  • Lexa!!!! said:
    NOICCCEEE!! Feb 27
  • madison said:
    love it already! :) Feb 27