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Pantera (Classics)


Genres: Metal / Progressive / Hardcore

Location: New York, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Dime, Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown & Phil Anselmo

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Dimebag kicked the most riff-o-liscious grooves that heavy metal has ever known. His influence is ever reaching. Without the inspirational rock guitar riff innovators such as Vernon Reid, Billy Gibbons, James Hetfield, Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Dave Mustaine, and of course, Dimebag; we may have never seen the likes of Tom Morello, Jerry Cantrell and a host of others that kept the torch 'a' burnin!.

The great thing about Pantera, was that that one would be hard pressed to find many bands not only devoid of weakness with respect to individual musicianship, but with such a show of dominance at each respective end of the band. Not only did Phil's vocals blow you away with power, melodic brilliance, and variety; but they were perfectly complimented by the fat riffs coming from Dimebag's Dean Razorback axe, and Rex's meaty bass lines, and it was all tied together by the thunderous beats Vinnie Paul was kicking!

I love PANTERA. I was broken up by their dissolution, but we will always have their music to keep us going. I look to them for inspiration in my musical projects. The song 'Point of View' is actually a tune I wrote for my band, STRANGE DAY, a shortwhile after Dimebag was tragically murdered by that misguided and confused soul, who took our hero. It's about perspective and really just living each day like it could be your last...and I feel like if Dime, taught us anything, it's to give each day everything you got and have a blast while you're doing it!

This is a TRIBUTE PROFILE to one of my favorite bands....go BUY some RECORDS and show some LOVE to DIME'S LEGACY! Btw, downloading sucks, just go buy the d*mn record already ;-) The 'Best of Pantera...' has some cool photos and stuff in the cover art.

Also, for more biographical information and updates on Dime, Pantera, and Vinnie Paul and the rest of the bunch, check out the official PANTERA website below:




  • Eric Rico said:
    listen this sick fucking band... www.purevolume.com/swampofblood .... fucking sick vocals! Feb 08
  • Coolio94 said:
    dimebag is the greatest metal guitarist and one of my greatest influences rip Nov 09
  • brian said:
    dime......rest my friend!!!!!!! Apr 19
  • The Unblack Vampire said:
    Hey people!!! Check this out: ISHI - death/black metal www.purevolume.com/ISHI27083 Jan 25
  • Reaper Of Sorrow said:
    RIP Dimebag Darrell im gonna smoke one(or 5)4 u rest in peace slain rock diety........ Oct 19
  • Brian said:
    just added some more kick ass pantera tracks to my purevolume account and there fuckin awesome!!! keep it real! Mar 02
  • METAL-HEAD_666 said:
    ya guys are da SHIZZ...R.I.P. DERREL Jan 29
    dime the best guitarist EVER walked on land.. Nov 23
  • bo nuts said:
    Dime your my hero and my idol, i've looked up to you since i first saw u. i've wanted to like you my whole life. dimebag your a god. R.I.P the best guitarist in the world Sep 27
  • KinkYxCunTxFacE said:
    R.I.P DIME We all will miss you very dearly you guys are awesome and always will be Sep 07
  • NeheM!@H said:
    Dimebag you are genious for making the most riffalicious songs - Walk,.... Jul 25
  • ABISMELL 4187 said:
    RIP Dimebag Darrell Jan 23
  • blackmoonlight said:
    pantera is flippin awesome dude Jan 12
  • I HEART ALICE said:
    make these downloadable Sep 21
  • hardcorebob8 said:
    Can you make walk available to download Jul 02

The Best Of Pantera

Nov 30, 1999

Flawed (EP)

Nov 30, 1999

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