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pan america


Genres: Rock / Soul / Rock

Location: Los angeles, CA

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4 tracks

Members: josh mikey jeff christian

we are pan america.

spanning los angeles from koreatown to hollywood to calabasas. pan america is a fresh new band set out to take the earth by storm. stay tuned for all show updates and new website information coming soon!

your opinion matters - give us feedback!!!
send us a message or just help the word spreadder 2000 take its toll.

vote for us at www.battleofthebands.com/panamerica

-check us out at myspace.com/panamerica too!

always support local music.


  • Deviant Seraph said:
    Hey guys! Great songs. Can\'t stop rockin\' to panorama! Keep up the good work! Nov 26
  • feelXtheXparanoia said:
    Hey I recently discovered you guys, and I really love your music. I hope you guys make a cd sometime soon! just something i was wondering...how\'d u come up with the name? Oct 27
  • patty said:
    \"your opinion matters\" here\'s mine: I LOVE IT. very good. i stumbled into josh\'s myspace and btw he\'s doing a very good job at promoting you guys. so i decided to check your purevolume and the music is damn good. keep it up. Feb 04

pan america

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Deviant Seraph

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