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5 Drug Test Myths - If You Actually want to See If You'll Pass Go back home Drug Tests Instead

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Using home drug tests have grown to be more predominant because of a lot of companies implementing work drug testing. In addition there are several schools that execute senior high school drug testing. There are lots of ways to make things harder for yourself when inspired to do drug testing at the office or rich in school drug testing. Here are a few of the things NOT to do when you're inspired to complete one.

Refuse To Do The exam: This is among the worst things you can do. By refusing to partake in a work drug detection test the effects can be severe and devastating. The implications of this are that you simply face the high chance of losing your job, appearing guilty (whether or not you are or not) and avoiding the outcomes. However, there may be some valid reasons to not wish to take a marijuana test varieties the reality is that many employers as well as your colleagues will assume you are a druggie and is it worth ruining your credibility? Should you want to keep your job, because you refused a test originally means they'll most certainly ask you again afterwards together with your job determined by it.
Trying To place Water In The Sample: You may not think this works? Many lab tests are monitored and when a supervisor is watching how are you going to do this? Also diluting your urine with water is instantly noticeable towards the laboratory because of the color. Thus you will get caught attempting to tamper the results after which will involuntarily have to take another narcotics test that will give them the real result.
Take Niacin: This can be a drug that is very poisonous if drawn in large amounts. Merely going for a few tablets can lead to an abrupt trip to the ER! Overdosing on Niacin will certainly result in many negative symptoms, which may well include vomiting and nausea and in the greater extreme cases lead to liver damage.

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Drinking Plenty of Water: There actually is no reason for trying this method. Contrary you will only want to urinate more regularly which is not only highly embarrassing but is another clear indication of the attempt to mask drug use. Excessive water consumption can result in over-fluidation which may potentially lead to death.
Placing Another person's Urine Into The Cup: It is really an old trick and something that is tough to be hidden from drug test supervisors. It's another risk that's not worth taking because if you're caught you are able to kiss your work goodbye! Before entering the testing area most drug testing labs will actually force you into emptying your pockets and will look at the tell-tale signs and symptoms of bottled urine being attached to your thighs or elsewhere. In addition they could test your urine samples temperature.

Previously some drug users could pass senior high school drug testing/work drug tests by using one of the methods above. However, we've got the technology nowadays is much more sophisticated which is easier to detect drugs in ones system. The best choice is to find home drug tests (test kits are available for all kinds of narcotic detection) so you've a good idea regarding how you will fare and then plan accordingly.

Posted Jul 11, 2012 at 12:51am