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It’s a glad thing to have a rose garden

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Roses commonly are not as temperamental as some people might think, and they are certainly not as delicate! But there are rose gardening tips a gardener can perform to keep their roses healthy and in bloom for years.
First of the Rose Garden Tips: Look into the Grades
Roses are graded from 1-to-1 1/2 to two based on standards established in 1923 and revised since that time. They apply to both bare root or packaged 2 year old plants. All roses in most grades have to have a sturdy root system so they’ll grow properly when planted. The canes should show no signs and symptoms of disease or damage, whatever the grade.
Go to a Rose Garden First
When the gardener isn’t sure what type of roses they need, they should go to a local botanical garden or even the rose garden of a friend or in accordance with see what variety grows well together. They should get catalogues from leading nurseries and attend local rose shows.
Analyze the Soil
It is important the soil be analyzed before any planting is done. Soil can be analyzed with a local lab or perhaps a state agricultural college. To get a soil sample, remove the top 2 " of soil where the roses are to be planted, then dig an opening about six inches deep.Take a slice from the soil from the the surface of the hole to the bottom to provide the lab a great sample. The report will be sending back an analysis of the phosphorus and potassium content, along with the levels of magnesium, iron, manganese, sulfur, copper along with other micronutrients.

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The lab will also send back the soil’s pH number. Roses thrive in soil whose pH is around 6.5 to 6.8. When the soil is too alkaline, add sulfur; if it’s too acidic, limestone can be added. The local garden center will easily notice the gardener just how much limestone or sulfur to use.
More Rose Gardening Tips: Stagger the Bushes
Staggering in the bushes rather than planting them in straight lines is more esthetically satisfying, and allows all of the roses to appear from at least one side. In the north, bushes ought to be planted two feet apart, inside a bed a minimum of 42 inches wide. In the south, the bushes ought to be planted one yard apart in a bed at least five feet wide.
Storing the Bushes
If for whatever reason the gardener can't place the rose bushes in the ground once they arrive, they ought to mist them, particularly the roots, wrap them in the plastic shipping bags and replace them within the shipping cartons. Then, they should store the bushes in a cool dark place around 35 to 40 degrees F. In other words, they should be make the refrigerator if there’s room. Rose bushes can keep for a fortnight like this, as long as they’re prohibited to dry up.

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Last of the Rose Gardening Tips: Right before Planting
When it’s time to plant, place the rose bushes in a tub of cool water that covers the canes and also the roots for a couple of hours. When they’re ready to be planted, take the bushes from the water and take away any broken or bruised rootlets with pruning shears.

Posted May 09, 2012 at 2:11pm