PureVolume Live: Vol. 2

Summer screams concerts, plain and simple. And for that dull downtime between the sweaty festivals and windows-down road trips to see your favorite bands, we've got a new fix for you: PureVolume Live.

Years of collecting incredible live recordings has us sitting on hundreds of songs by groups we've loved since day one -- from Say Anything to The Maine -- as well as outstanding rising acts. Now it's time to clear out the vault: We'll serve up our favorite live cuts like popsicles all summer, posting new downloadable playlists for you, the PureVolume community. Welcome to Vol. 2, featuring Portugal. The Man, The Sounds, Bad Rabbits and more. Let's rock.

Comments (2)

  • david.ruse said:
    Not the best live sound quality and I'm a fan of several of these bands! Jul 18
  • mattp_tdc said:
    Wrong ATAL song. Pretty sure that's not them either. Jul 18

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