On Aug. 1, Valencia will drop "Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)," the most personal video of their career.

The tune comes from a familiar place -- the Philly rockers' celebrated third LP, Dancing with a Ghost. The eye behind the camera, however, is a welcome surprise. Guitarist Brendan Walter directed, shot and co-produced the entire new video alongside old friend and filmmaker Chris Newhard. The result is a mix of narrative and performance concluding in an epic crescendo of sight and sound. Filmed in the band's native Pennsylvania, it's also a distinct tribute to their roots.

Aug. 1 update -- see the premiere of "Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)":

Hear Valencia's comments on the influences and craft behind the video and listen to the accompanying exclusive PureVolume playlist below:

"We filmed most of this video in the towns where we grew up. The video is all about the dreams you have and that you see through no matter what; whether it's a dead-end or a wild success doesn't matter to you, and you'll go to any length to get there. The main character in the video wants to ride his bike from home all the way to the beach, even if it has to be alone, because he believes in his idea. Valencia was our dream and we're still chasing it. When we were first starting out we used to play shows all over the Philadelphia area. The bands and songs in this playlist are some of the groups we grew up with and shared our dreams with. These songs are part of their dreams, and while everyone's fate was different, we all were in it together. Some went on to do bigger and better things, some kept going strong and others changed direction. But no matter what, they were all chasing after what they believed in, much like the main character of the video. Enjoy these songs from our past that we all love!"