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Page France


Genres: Folk / Pop / Indie

Location: Marching Band, MD

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4 tracks

Members: michael s. nau, clinton jones, whitney mcgraw, bryan martin, jasen reeder

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Who do you say? What? Page France is only half of what you hear and see. "Hello, Dear Wind", a collection of joyous bookends and visual mumbles, is the latest trick pulled from a long sleeve. They've turned a lion into a tap dancer, and the viewers are clapping and stomping for a trick well played. Upon Mr. France's first handshake came a big smile, and a sneaky eye full of things to say and strings to pull. Now, only a few months after the assembly's graceful bow, comes a look through a brand new pair of eyes, where the grass grows greener, the ocean flows bluer, the trees grow higher, and the folks grow younger... a telescope gaze from a brimmed glass of schizophrenic mind-murmurs all about the birds, the bees, and breeze that eats the birds and the bees. To make things concise, Page France has pieced together a story that tells itself differently each time it speaks... one day, it ends happy.. the next day, it ends sad..and the day after, it doesn't end at all. If you are still asking, "who?" and "what?",you are going to miss out on something that may just be worth finding out. There's no need to be a stranger... "Hello, Dear Wind" is slated for release on August 16th via Baltimore's own Fall Records. This piece is made up of 14 tracks, which will soon prove that there is no such thing as a casual page france fan. When it rains, it pours, and, "Hello, Dear Wind" is sure to not disappoint.



  • Pistol Pete said:
    awesome music, makes you want to do something meaningful while listening to it Jun 30
  • but autumn came said:
    je kiff Apr 19
  • superfast jellyfish said:
    this is beautiful stuff. (: Mar 28
  • story said:
    my friend had your music and showed me. im so glad he did because you guys are radical:} Mar 19
  • alessandra said:
    GREAT!! Oct 27
  • manda said:
    :] Jul 24
  • corajean. said:
    you know whats kinda cool? right now im listening to junkyard. also, here\'s an idea. come to cleveland, oh!? Jan 27
  • thejibberon said:
    your show at kilby court was very nice to my ears. a top listening experience. thank you. Apr 03
  • grake said:
    i\'m pretty disappointed you guys are coming to fargo and it\'s not an all ages show. maybe next time Mar 25
  • ASTRONOMER said:
    U guys make me happy, i love happy music...aha, its beautiful too, ;D i\'m telling all my friends evrywhere, weeee! :) Dec 27
  • James Fetner said:
    i saw you guys play when i went to see anathallo and i immeadiately became a fan Dec 18
  • Othniel said:
    your music reminds me of all the good times iv had in my life. i luv it. Oct 23
  • breaksthesilence said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 01
  • tinydanc3r said:
    your music is wonderful you should come play in PA sometime xoxo Aug 22
  • his elusive presence. said:
    you guys are wonderful. Aug 14

Hello, Dear Wind

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