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SOUL MATES : Two Bodies ~ One Heart

The Soul Mates Series is a love story in five parts, including moments of suspense, unbridled passions, and steamy sex scenes which can make you blush!

The Soul Mates series is a spicy and hot erotic romance story, that is suitable for ADULTS ONLY. The later books in the series contain scenes of the graphic sexual nature such as the use of adult sexual language. The sex scenes within the books feel incredibly real and engaging. It's like your are there, and experiencing it all on your own.

The Soul Mates series is set recently of 1997. The intriguing story follows the romantic journey of 26 year old Kerry Connolly, who lives inside a her first floor flat in Bristol U.K. Kerry endures her very own, with her two cats, and she is often found sitting around in her garden, chatting on the cup of tea with her Mum.

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Kerry Connolly includes a dream. She's only a receptionist at a veterinarian's office in Bristol, but a wild adventure is waiting on her, just around the corner...Eventually she'll possess a home and a family all her own, and her job is going to be saving animals instead of booking appointments. The only thing Kerry isn't sure about is how you can make her dreams become a reality.

Then Kerry's best friend Bex presents her with an amazing opportunity: a week's vacation in France -- free of charge! Kerry is not usually one for adventure, but Bex persuades her to simply accept. In the end, it's a week's holiday. Sun and sea and relaxation. What is better?

Little does Kerry know, she is going to embark on the best adventure of her life. It all begins when restaurant entrepreneur Alberto Casali sits next to Kerry on the flight to France. Immediately, Kerry feels a deep link with Alberto -- a connection she's never felt before with anyone.

Does Alberto feel this special connection, too? Can a wealthy, Italian businessman ever have a serious curiosity about a shy receptionist from Bristol? Are Kerry's hopes for love likely to be only dreams? Or will Kerry take a chance, do something... making her dreams become a reality?

The SOUL MATES Series is definitely an enchanting thrill ride from start to finish. You just won't assist youself from becoming emotionally active in the characters and their journey. We certainly hope this is simply the beginning, and that Cynthia P James follows on the resounding success of 'Soul Mates' with many more stories in the future.

Posted Sep 30, 2012 at 1:05pm