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7 Questions to Ask When purchasing a Digital SLR Tripod

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Do you ever take blurry photographs? Would you like to enhance the quality of your photographs?

Utilizing a quality digital SLR tripod is truly the missing key to better, sharper photographs.

If you like to change your exposure settings, use a telephoto lens, or maybe you want to test out the manual settings in your SLR, then you need a tripod. A tripod is particularly important if you like macro photography, landscape photography, night photography and portraiture photography due to longer exposures.


How do we find the correct tripod?

Not every Tripods Are the same

It's easy to be at a loss for the amount and quality of digital SLR tripods currently available. With tripods materials which range from aluminum and plastic to high-end carbon fiber, it's hard to know how to start.

When you limit your selection towards the kind of tripod, you still have to pick from Canon tripods, Nikon tripods, Bogen Manfrotto tripods, Joby, Velbon, Gorillapod, Davis and Sanford and much more.

One thing is for certain - not every tripods are the same and it is simple to purchase the wrong tripod. Let's make sure you ask the best questions and find the right tripod to your requirements.

Suggested Dslr Tripod Requirements

Here's what you should look at when looking for a tripod for the SLR:

Can the tripod support the weight of the camera gear? Ensure the tripod is capable of doing supporting the load of your camera and lens system to avoid camera "droop" where your camera drops (or "droops") after you set up your shot.
What lenses might you purchase in the future (just like a heavy zoom lens for instance)? Attempt to pick a tripod sufficiently strong to aid your present and future camera kit to avoid buying two tripods.
Check the maximum and minimum extended heights to make sure you can get close enough towards the subjects you're photographing. Macro nature photography often requires a tripod that can go very low to the ground.
Will you be capturing outside? Verify the tripod is heavy enough for windy conditions. Some tripods have a hook where you can hang your camera bag to decrease the probability of your tripod and dear camera gear from blowing over.
Verify the setup time meets the needs you have. Can you adjust the tripod quickly enough for the subjects you are photographing? Some tripods have a geared center column while others, such as the Bogen Manfrotto 055XPROB, possess a rapid center column for shorter setup and adjustment times.
Check the load and dimensions of the tripod. Huge tripod can produce a hike an unhappy experience, but a light tripod can shake like a leaf within the wind. If you will be carrying the tripod extensively, think about a carbon fibre tripod.
Finally, will the tripod accept the type of tripod heads you want to use? Most higher-end SLR tripods have removable tripod heads. You will find both video and photo tripod heads available which are configured for different kinds of photography.


If you consider each of the above requirements, you'll find it quicker to narrow down their email list of accessible digital SLR tripods to some tripod that meets your particular requirements.

Posted Jun 11, 2012 at 5:26am