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Genres: Rock / Southern Rock / Post Hardcore

Location: Wilmington, NC

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Members: Mat, Josh ......

Music from Wilmington North Carolina

Whats up everyone we are trying to find a guitarist, singer and a bass player at the moment so anyone living in wilmington hit me up on my email at overstated1@gmail.com and tells us about youself preferbly how old and how long you have been playing or singing. thanks

Well we're in the process of making our first single for our demo coming by the end of the year, we are about half way through writing the song. Were using the lines from my guitar demos and turning them into a full track. For now its going to be a little rough, with only one guitar and our drummer, but we are working at it to put it together and get out something that you'll enjoy.

10/2/06 So i think its been two years since weve even looked at our site, college and other things to do, but were getting serious again and i just posted up one of guitar parts for some new songs coming out by next year... its a crappy recording so bear with me, I just use a cheap radioshack mic and record straight to the computer, the demo has two guitar lines and a drum machine. Just trying to get some people stoked on some new stuff, haha the old stuff sounds terrible. So add us your friend and we'll get around to putting some songs up. By the way were looking for some members... vocals and bass in particular


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    shweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 13
  • mhl14 said:
    yo waz ^ this good stuff but um I was wondering if u got any tips for getting my band started.By the way I live in Wilmington too.Rock on dudes!! May 04

Over Stated

Dec 31, 2006