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  • New Album

    Hey guys, Right now "OutwiT" IS working on a new album , which will be released right before The band will go on their first U.S TOUR. You can check the band's Space…

    Dec 13, 2007

  • Hello Everyone

    So yeah we're still recordin our cd in the studio, but we're almost done! this cd is gonna be our first big and serious cd as a band together! we worked a lot on it a…

    Feb 10, 2006

  • Vocals, Vocals , Vocals

    Today is the vocals DAY

    Jan 15, 2006

  • hey guyz!!!!

    we just finished recording Drums and Bass for all of our songs the Guitars are alomst done too! On Friday we will be probably recording Vocals so thank you for listenin…

    Jan 08, 2006

  • Recording Our New E.P

    In this Sunday we'll start recording our new E.P Wish us luck - OutwiT

    Dec 25, 2005

  • Drop Us A comment

    hey! what do u think about our music? DROP US A COMMENT PLZ :)

    Dec 18, 2005