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Genres: Emo / Indie / Rock

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Stats: 678 fans / 97,209 plays / 28 plays today





4 tracks

Members: PJ, Brian, Greg, Brian

"A one-two punch of inventive indie rock" - Four Stars, Alternative Press Magazine

In the four years since their inception, indie rockers, Outsmarting Simon, have been relentless in their quest to establish themselves as an intense live band, playing countless dates up and down the east coast and across the Midwest with bands like Coheed And Cambria, Elliott, and Further Seems Forever.

Chiming guitars and thought provoking lyrics, along with grand soundscapes and contrasting dynamics, instill both tranquility and excitement in listeners of all genres, while fusing the post-hardcore sensibilities of Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate with moments of soaring, atmospheric indie rock a la Appleseed Cast.

Order Outsmarting Simon's sophomore release, Stand Up Straight, out NOW on Triple Crown Records at any of the following locations:

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  • Malachi said:
    please search "play the bones" Aug 23
  • ☆_★ said:
    greaat zongzz..!!!! (((: Jul 24
  • Tearful_Screams said:
    incredible. x. Jul 11
  • said:
    i love your music so much. so much. Nov 29
  • megtot said:
    uh yeah.. :) Nov 25
  • megtot said:
    uh yeah.. :) Nov 25
  • said:
    thank you for the music! Nov 16
  • said:
    thank you for the music that i can feel in my bones. Oct 02
  • Cakoww said:
    great sound!!! I\'ve like your music,Awesome music and lyrics! May 15
  • Chauntecleer said:
    Benny\'s Joyride!!!!!!!!!!! they were awesome! Mar 09
  • Juaco fr said:
    Mar 02
  • thinman said:
    my band uses this www.scriggleit.com Thought you might be interested. -keep rawkin Feb 25
  • funcional said:
    you probably won\'t read this, but the truth is that you\'ve got some fans in Argentina, despite your cds are not sold here. Well, you\'re a great band. whising you the best, goo PS: i\'ll get a tshirt of you done :P Dec 26
  • said:
    oh dear...i love Nov 03
  • said:
    absolutely beautiful boys, orgasmic really. Nov 03

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