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Outrun The Gun


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Post Hardcore

Location: Akron/Canton, OH

Stats: 135 fans / 2,770 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Micah, Chris, Lee, Antonio and Matt

Have you ever fallen and scraped your knee while riding a bicycle? If you have, you know that you must get back on, because this thing is your only way back home. The feelings of fear must be set aside; you must get up, dust yourself off, climb on the bike, and ride. Whether with bands, jobs, family or just life in general, everyone knows the feeling of failure and the fear that must be overcome in order to move on. This very concept describes the birth of what is now known as Outrun the Gun.

In early September 2006, Outrun the Gun was formed out of Akron/Canton, Ohio local favorites, Leadway and Widdlesworth. Outrun the Gun is comprised of each member of Leadway, plus Chris Kingsland (former drummer of Widdlesworth) who, after much prayer and consideration following the dispersion of Widdlesworth, assumed the lead vocalist position. The writing began and the band clicked immediately as a result of each member choosing to use the gifts that they have been given to tell others of the love that they've found in Jesus Christ. This is the staple of Outrun the Gun.

With musical influences ranging from Misery Signals to The Receiving End of Sirens, it could be said that whether their sound is unique or not, they have certainly taken a different approach to making music. Outrun the Gun has often been compared to the likes of Life in Your Way and August Burns Red. One can not help but notice the contrast between the extremely heavy breakdowns and the more melodic progressions involving singing, group vocals or chanting. Their musical journey has been very interesting thus far, with every musician always doing their best to be honest and real, not only musically, but also personally. Outrun the Gun has developed a sound that tells of a past that is haunting and at times painful, but a strength and hope for the future that is found in Christ. It could be said that they are a band full of members who are genuinely interested in loving people.


  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    dank Dec 16
  • Joinha said:
    man is fucked... Sep 18
  • jessica said:
    under the skin is my fave song. i adore yoo guys. i;ve been to two of yer concerts both times up front and uhdooring it:] and we and my boyfriend ran into yoo guys at the marathon in applecreek! with josh from gear down big rig before roccfest! haha:] i love yoo guys:] May 31
  • My friend, the Pornstar. said:
    :D May 11
  • Micah Webster said:
    u guys definitely show sum promise. like the music! May 03
  • Lyndsee said:
    I love A Formal Feeling! It's bomb! Mar 18
  • Katie[God Filled HATE FREE] For Today Portraits JUNE 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said:
    wow. I love you're music. Its sweeet! =] Jan 13
  • joshx33 said:
    great band, hope to hear more from you guys. good stuff! Oct 27
  • Shelbyyyy :) said:
    Dah! I've seen you guys a million times in good ol' Mansfield :D I had a nice conversation with Dave at the Blood Reckoning show at Eagle Mount. :] He remembers my friend and I from The Pheonix. Haha I love you guyssss Sep 03
  • [[Steph]] said:
    Hey guys! I don\'t know if you even check this because it seems that Myspace rules the world. lol Lee goes to my church so that%u2019s kind of how I heard of you guys. But I just wanted to say that the stuff sounds good!!! Its awesome to see hard bands rocking for Christ!!! I love it! You should put your shows up on here because I can%u2019t go on Myspace so I have no clue when your playing!! and I\'d like to see you guys live!! Steph Sep 15

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