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  • kaeluhh♫ said:
    i hear your goin' on tour with paramore and relient k. i really hope im' in the audience at colombus, OH!(: Apr 03
  • Ginny said:
    In Walking the Dog, I love how he sings the "have you lost your mind" part:) it makes me chuckle:) Mar 19
  • Banshee Beat said:
    great show in phila guys...keep it up for the rest of the tour Mar 12
  • jenna said:
    just saw you at the NorVa. fucking awesome dude. i like you even more now. (: Mar 07
  • augustkobs said:
    FUN is. . .FUN ! ! ! Mar 05
  • Shauna said:
    just saw you at the Sound Academy, actually liked you more than Jacks Manniquin =) Reaaaaaally good! Feb 28
  • Brandon Chitwood said:
    walk my dog, man its making up for my feelings of u ending format. Im ok with it now Feb 19
  • Allie said:
    um, cant wait to see you play liveeee in indiana !!! Feb 16
  • aly anne said:
    love the gambler. just watched you live at the marquee yesterday. so awesome Feb 14
  • Angela said:
    you guys rock! i'm obsessed! we listen to y'all like everyday in art class :) Feb 11
  • mademan FIASCO said:
    I can't wait to see you guys on tour with Vedera and Jack's Mannequin! I just got the new Vedera album actually - it's so good! Feb 08
  • augustkobs said:
    Great Band. Love the track 'All The Pretty Girls'. Feb 08
  • Jewlie. said:
    No words can describe how much I love you guys. Simply amazing. Dont ever change. Feb 07
  • Marazar said:
    I love Be Calm. It reminds me so much of Queen :) Feb 04
  • MusicLover03 said:
    Best Band Ever!!! I love you guys, ur so unique!! :) Come to CT Jan 30
  • TobieorNotTobie said:
    Can't wait to see them and Jack's Mannequin on February 13th!!! Jan 30
  • srsly, itsshae =] said:
    i love you i love you i love you be calm i wanna be the one the gambler at least im sad (as i used to be) amaaaaaaaaaazing Jan 25
  • Sophia Anastasia said:
    Loooove this band so very much. Jan 22
  • Allie said:
    congrats on mtvu. im glad you wonnnn Jan 22
  • Ginny said:
    I love Fun.(:it reminds me of the Beach Boys(: Jan 10