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Sammael Binstead


Genres: Industrial / Ambient / Experimental

Location: Doncaster, United Kingdom

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Hi, any of my music on this page can be downloaded and used in any project you so wish. be it a film, an ad, a trailer - anything.

All i ask is you credit me in the credits and let me know.

Although I would usually compose original tracks for films I'm putting that service on hold for the time being. Got my exams to get through and works piling up. Sorry :( I'll keep trying to update this page though.


  • Justin said:
    Do you think you could make me somewhat of a silly song for an opening credits sequence? I don't have anything shot yet, but I can describe the montage of events for you. It's basically a montage of a teenage boy having completely unlucky and unfortunate experiences, but is completely oblivious to it all and stays optimistic throughout the whole thing! Much appreciated if you decide to help me out. Thank! ~Justin B Mar 04
  • Jona said:
    Hi Sammael, using "Burial" for opening credits for really short, short "Doors" will post here when it is complete and posted. Thanks for your great work! Jan 01
  • AT0MAC said:
    Hi Sammael I just used your Lounge music at my little iMovie 08 test movie, my first one on YouTube. You can go watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZuMpYGIFHs Sep 22

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