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One Way Ticket (PA)


Genres: Screamo / Alternative / Post Hardcore

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Stats: 1 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Chris, Frank the Tank, Kyle, Angelo

Change of name we are now called
When Breathing Stops


(we are finally putting more pictures on so check out photos and as far as songs. if you have seen us then you know we have our own, we just dont have anything recorded yet to be able to put on here so be patient)

With 4 kids, 4 Instruments and 4 impressionable minds, Furiousity and a live show that will leave you in the ER, never meant the same after catching an earfull of One Way Ticket.

Blending Metal, Emo, Hardcore, Pop Punk and hey even some jazz....or not. You may be askin yourself "how could a combination so diverse sound good in songwriting?" or " What do they think they are tryin to do?" Our only answer is.. Wait and See for yourself.

With the music scene in such a knot latley, its hard to sound original or not sound like another band. whether we end up sounding like your favorite or most hated band we assure you that no matter what music comes from us, in fact Comes From Us. we have no intention on being the next blink182 or next taking back sunday. but only to bring somthing new to the table. like it or not we are just out to have some fun and rock out.