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  • Devrim said:
    i miss you Sep 09
  • Rob Price said:
    put some songs up for dwn load! Jan 31
  • Elemeth said:
    Nice!!! Jun 07
  • Alicia said:
    I miss you guys:( Apr 09
  • RawRRXKiDD said:
    your music is sick!!!! Oct 03
  • ace_castillo said:
    nice nice nice goddamnit Sep 25
  • RawRRXKiDD said:
    omg you guys broke up.. =( just found you guys and your music is really good. Sep 17
  • Christopher Abuhl said:
    columbus wasn't looking for america is freaking hardcore brutal Aug 27
  • Christopher Abuhl said:
    dust of the town has a brutally epic like soundage to it Aug 27
  • hardcore media said:
    what ever happened to the pittsburgh hardcore scene Aug 19
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    LOve the southern sound... Jul 18
  • Spencer said:
    You guys are probably my favorite southern rock/hardcore band ever..sucks that you broke up Jul 12
  • Cory said:
    great music d00dz Jul 07
  • Benji said:
    sick! Jul 04
  • Hardcore=christian said:
    Check out my youtube account account.... http://www.youtube.com/longboardskillz Jul 02
  • Matt Sykes said:
    We're mice. We rock. PUREVOLUME.COM/TEMPLETONBROUGHTTHEPLAGUE. Add us. Become a fan. Spread the love. Jun 29
  • hxcpunker92 said:
    i freakin love the vocals, so brutal Jun 27
  • Kylea' said:
    thats shit is amazballs! Jun 26
  • jake said:
    one word.....sick \m/, Jun 17
  • xo kaitcran said:
    Jun 02