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Once Forgotten


Genres: Hardcore / Progressive

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Stats: 10 fans / 856 plays / 20 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Randy Goodie - Vocalist, Mat Murphy - Guitar, Sam Crawford- Guitar, Ryan DeVito - Bass, Jake Roman-drums

News: 8.18.08

We put up a brand new track tonight. If you wanna listen to the rest of the tracks and this one...you can simply go to our myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/onceforgotten18 and listen to them there as well. If you want our last record and the new demo...Hit us up! We will talk it out and get them to you as fast as possible! Thanks a lot guys. We've been pretty busy. So...yeah! Real hard to update this shit real often. Maybe we will start. Take care guys! =D

News: 5.21.07

The E.P. is being released today. Copies are $5.00. Let us know who wants any. Later!!! New music is also up. It's awesome, we like it. Check it out! Later!!!

News: 10.20.06

Just to put it out there the cd is almost comcing to a close, even with the recording process still under way. We managed to play a show last night and let us say. It went rather well. We played 2 of our brand new songs, and 4 of our others that most listeners that come to our shows already know. We have another show coming up November 3rd. For more details check the shows page. Hope to see a lot of people come out like we did at our Cafe show. Thanks for the support


News: 10.11.06

We have good news for everyone! We are in the studio as we speak. We just got done all of the drum tracks, and on Saturday, we are moving on towards the guitar. We have a show coming up on October 20th, so everyone should be there. Things are going rather nicely. We are working very hard and our E.P. is surely not to dissapoint. There will be 7 songs to appear on the E.P. and one track titled "Man In The Mirror" which will not be on the album. But, we do promise it will be better than our last release of "All That's Left" back in 2005. We are eagerly awaiting the release date. We will keep you updated on everything once everything is almost wrapped up! Thanks a lot.

CD: The Years of the Dying Soul
1.) Introduction
2.) Gasp Of A Last Breath
3.) The Reaper
4) Concealed In Flames
5) Self Denial
6 Resemblance, Is It Not?
7) Fall of the Angels(pt.1)


News: 3.13.06

Were sending a message to everyone out there in the local Philadelphia area... This band is waiting to get back out there and play some decent shows. The past is the past and were not the same anymore. We can't stress enough on how much this band should not be taken as a joke. Conceiled In Flames can suck on our balls for all we care. That's no where near our best. So, you better think otherwise. With 4 members waiting on our 5th member, this band will dominate whatever the "popular" music is being played. out there. The music is fresh, new, and will sound completely different than what all these other "local" bands are shooting for. Everyone sounds the same in our eyes. Everyone starts these bands and they are not clever in their song writing. Were tired of shitty emo/rock/hardcore bands that all play the same stuff. The only bands we can see lasting in the area are The Switchback, The Glorified, and us. It may sound a little conceited, but oh well. All these bands are dying down as the days go by. We just have to wait for our time to shine. So long we've been waiting for this moment, and the days are ticking. Were taking over.
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The Switchback(myspace.com/theswitchback)
Riding Bikes in Venice
Taking the Lead
Thru It All
Cause to Confess
Midnight Reign
Grandpa's Secret Medicine
Blank Generation
These bands are long and gone but check em' out anyway...
Bring the Drama(R.I.P.)
Abandon All Hope(R.I.P.)
Victorian Sky(R.I.P.)
Signs of Chaos(R.I.P.)
The Day of Darkness(R.I.P.)
Your Funeral(R.I.P.)



D4estruction and Hope

Aug 20, 2008

Fall of the Angels

May 21, 2007

"All That's Left"

No release date


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