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aluminium bi folding doors

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Adding bifold doors to your home cannot only completely help your living space, but it can add value to the sale price too. Old-fashioned folding doors would often present many problems to the user. They were hard to use, not very versatile, short-lived and leaky. Luckily, technologies have advanced and also the modern bifolding door is way better than past designs.

Wooden Concertina Doors

The wood bi-fold doors of the past would cause issues such as the door sticking, the doorway rotting, mould growing and frames becoming twisted and out-of-shape. Because of the nature from the wood, changes in temperature cause the wood to warp and bend. This can lead to the issue of doors sticking or twisting. Water which becomes held in the frame results in the problems of mould and rotting.

Nowadays, the wood is split up into different pieces, placed so the grains run against each other and then glued back together within high pressure. This process is known as laminating also it prevents the frame from changing shape when exposed to changes in temperature. After being laminated, the wooden frames are then treated with anti-rot and anti-fungal treatments to prevent the problems caused by contact with water. Modern designs include a water ingress inside the frame, which prevents water and condensation from accumulating internally.

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Aluminium Folding Doors

The aluminium bifold doors of history would be susceptible to frequent build-ups of condensation. In addition to this problem with condensation, they were also not so energy efficient.

Modern aluminium bifold door frames are thermally-broken which improves their energy efficiency and reduces the build-up of condensation.

uPVC Folding Sliding Doors

uPVC bifold doors are the most useful of contemporary technology. Less expensive than the other types of folding door, the uPVC frame provides condensation-free, energy efficient functionality that is versatile and suits many different situations. The easy-to-maintain profiles provide a modern appearance to homes that need smartening up.

Clad Bifolding Doors

Clad bifolding doors are made up of two different materials. The main frame is often the strongest mater in most cases the external side for strength and stability. The cladding is then clipped to the inside with glazing beads. The example I am going to use today is aluminium and timber clad bifold doors. Within this example, the aluminium comprises the main external frame. It provides a strong, secure and virtually maintenance-free exterior, as the wooden interior offers a very attractive appearance. The wooden interior may be easily clipped off, therefore it can be sanded and repainted or swapped for a whole other types of wood while not having to replace the whole door. This provides a permanent, long-lasting door that can easily be changed to match your interior style. This is particularly useful should you alter the type of your interior seasonally, or if you are planning to sell your home and wish to appeal to as wider audience as possible.

To conclude, bifold doors have improved a great deal through the years and today offer an attractive and viable addition to your home that's functional and long-lasting. They are able to certainly be used to open almost any a part of your house or business, indoors or out, to produce a large, unrestricted entrance.

The range of different materials used in the bifolds nowadays allows consumers to choose the door which most closely fits their budget and their situation.

Posted Sep 18, 2012 at 11:57pm