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  • Archie said:
    on the etid tour, i hope you guys open with reveries of flight, that would be so epic, if not i hope you at least play it during your set (: Sep 11
  • Matt said:
    Hey everybody check out new song "build things like buildings and thinks like bridges"by the band "how it ends" ----www.purevolume.com/how_it_ends---- free downloads! only at purevolume.com! Sep 07
  • Dylan said:
    You new album is nothing but epic. I'll Cut off you horns!!! in the finisher, is overwhelming. Amazing work Sep 01
  • MissBrit said:
    the new cd is so damn amazing.. why must you rule my life hah.. keep it up.. i love to smile ;] Sep 01
  • StraightEdgeDude said:
    the new cd is crazy it is one of my favorites of all time Aug 30
  • ryan. said:
    holy freakin crap... the new record. lyrically and musically, a masterpiece. stay brutal guys. Aug 28
  • Mitchell said:
    i agree with D-MAN. i listened to reveries of flight and felt more conviction in two and a half minutes than i have ever felt in a sermon, or from word ive heard from my church in 4 years. thank you for your words of motivation for me, and for all of us. keep up the good work :) Aug 26
  • D-MAN said:
    Oh my word Reveries of Flight is the most amazing song I have ever heard!!! The lyrics are just WOW!! Fantastic work Aug 25
  • IxIDavidIxI said:
    hey bros check "color of fall" out on thrusday or friday were posting up our first demo k thanx.. and we hope you guys enjoy!! Aug 24
  • Lorenzo said:
    I have to say... Out of all the bands I listen to you guys are by far the best of all. Keep up the amazing work! :) Aug 24
  • Archie said:
    the new songs are so good they make me want to puke, literally. Aug 24
  • xAmbitioncallsxX said:
    i'm absolutely addicted to you guys. Aug 19
  • Bambino said:
    must feel great to be the best band in the world Aug 18
  • Trollor said:
    The three songs you posted convinced me. I just pre-ordered the album. Aug 18
  • cpop™ said:
    The new songs are breath taking. Aug 18
  • Myuser said:
    Unbelievable!!!! Aug 18
  • V. Havoc said:
    All of the songs from the new album are very amazing indeed!!! Aug 18
  • Noble Evildoer said:
    Reveries of Flight is excellent like everything else. Can't wait for the new album. Aug 18
  • Trollor said:
    Reveries Of Flight is incredible, twists the usual sound up a bit. Keep up the completely insane work you guys are doing. Yes, insane. You've got to be insane to be this awesome. Aug 18
  • Sheepslaughter said:
    omg World Without A Sun is frickin hot! Aug 13