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  • NoSaint1975 said:
    Great sound! Feb 10
  • Udan the Alien's Shoemaker said:
    more better..my ears love them Feb 10
  • Jake Calkins said:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpKtg2R7PN0 Feb 05
  • discipleboy said:
    SECOND BEST METAL BAND EVER!!! (after august burns red) LOVE U GUYS!!! Feb 01
  • Nick Pinegar said:
    I saw you guys when you were in Omaha, NE with Spoken a while back. I REALLY think you should come back, pleeease? Feb 01
  • The Unblack Vampire said:
    Hey people!!! Check this out: ISHI - death/black metal www.purevolume.com/ISHI27083 Jan 25
  • martin said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/SaviorSound Jan 24
  • Andrew said:
    world without a sun is a wierd one, but i like it. what does it mean? Jan 16
  • TearsofJoy said:
    u guys are AWWESOMME DUDESSS, WOOOOO xxoxx XD Jan 13
  • drummerhooper said:
    you should definitely check out my band! http://www.purevolume.com/farewellfightermusic Jan 03
  • HollyQuinn said:
    great job at UNSILENT NIGHT in frisco Dec 30
  • Crista DeControl said:
    Whoa. You guys are awesome. I only ever listen to "Vices Like Vipers" cause thats the only song I know but now that I listened to all the songs on here I see I like all the songs. Seen you guys once on tour too. Awesome music guys. Dec 21
  • TBR said:
    hell yes... hey click my profile to hear my tunes! recently featured on AP.net! Dec 19
  • Jordan3000 said:
    Dude!!! Dont stop this stuff! Were in the last days!! we need it!!! Dec 08
  • MARii said:
    damnnn..this is amazinggg!! please never STOPP !!! KEEP it ROCKIN!0.0 Dec 07
  • I Am Dakota said:
    Such an amazing band, The way you use Octave Jumps, And Harmonies, and the Lyrics you guys have. Life changing. Dec 05
  • said:
    I just wanna say....I grew up in Burleson, pretty much right with you guys, actually went to school, had a class or two with Randy.... JAMES...and now live in Amarillo, which is weird cause, Jill - Larry live here which say they either know you or are related to you, not for sure...either way, small world but you guys are THE most amazing band i have ever listened to, and thats coming from a long list.....Love you guys...GOD BLESS!!!! Nov 24
  • Matthew said:
    Best band I have ever heard. Nov 17
  • Alex Gucci said:
    good stuff good stuff Nov 11
  • Cathy Rattlesnake said:
    love the new album, not sure which songs my favourite yet Nov 08