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Oh No Not Stereo

High-energy alternative pop-rock from Hollywood.


Genres: Rock / Pop / Alternative

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Stats: 2,302 fans / 179,807 plays / 19 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Skyler Nielsen (Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Mykul Lee (Drums), Jussi Karvinen (Lead Guitar), Ryan Williams (Bass/Vocals)


"We are who we are..."

If our lives are about anything, they're about breaking out of the positions society put us in. We are who we are, regardless of what others tried to make us.

"...and you can't take that away."

With this new record we're proclaiming that we're making it ourselves, and feeling confident about our direction. We've been a DIY independent touring and recording band since 2003. We paid our dues and earned our chops on our own terms, and no one can ever take that away from us.

"Black and white, a monotone overload..."

Our music is all over the spectrum. We've been compared to the likes of many bands throughout the years, which we appreciate, but we also think the diverse comparisons show how we've created our own unique musical persona, influenced by, but not derived from, any one band or style.

"Sing loud..."

We aren't here to fade into the background and put people to sleep. We're a hard-rockin', high-energy rock band. It means a lot to us that people come to our shows, and we're here to give something back. Something loud, and powerfully infectious.

"We don't care what they say..."

We aren't trying to be for everybody. We're just grateful to be who we are.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/ohnonotstereo


  • Rawan said:
    I love the music being played Jan 04
  • mike dalls said:
    I love the music being played Sep 26
  • Julie London said:
    Congratulations on a very interesting idea for a radio station. Sep 23
  • osmoe said:
    remarkable venerated it Sep 22
  • websitedevelopmentinindia said:
    Wonderful Project Sep 05
  • foster said:
    beautiful project Sep 04
  • sandy said:
    i am your big fan Sep 01
  • vashikaranindia said:
    loved it May 03
  • MasA said:
    Awesomeee! Sep 13
  • Den said:
    Yo Skyler. could you send me a guitar tab for the riff that goes on in Let's get it started 1:18 - 1:30 I love that part but sadly no one's tabbing it :C If you can i'd appreciate it :D dtanrena@yahoo.com i'm an awesome fan of OhNoNotStereo Love your music keep it going you rock \m/! May 25
  • Ami (Ah-mee) said:
    Dudes, my ear pussies just came all over the place, you guys are eargasmarific!!! Love&&Rockets AmiLin Mar 10
  • Adamnn. said:
    Their Sound... it's Amazing! Feb 27
  • jm said:
    nice freakin style =) hey i like your gibson elec. guitar.. what string gauge do you use? Jan 21
  • hat man said:
    DOWNLOAD. http://www.purevolume.com/goodnightlights Jan 10
  • ViolentEnviroment said:
    you guys are like classic rock meets emo meets punk meets orgasmic. i saw you live, and you're one of my favorite bands evurrr. Jan 04

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