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O.G. Zombies


Genres: Comedy / Rap

Location: Blairsville, IL

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Reverbnation is our official website, we hardly ever use this site, not much room for growth. You can get ahold of us on there, listen to/download all of our music for free. So, why not check it out and have some laughs?

O.G.Z, consists of Nick Whitlock, and George Phillips. We get bored, we make funny songs. We get pissed, we make pissed off songs. Our genre is pretty broad.(That's what she said). We range from rap, to rock, dubstep, to a bit of pop. Nick plays the drums, bass, electric/acoustic guitar, sings, and raps. George plays a mean electric guitar, and raps like a slave driver. So that leaves us with one question....why the fuck are we still broke?



Possibly Gang Related

Apr 01, 2010


No release date


No release date