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oceans array


Genres: Experimental / Rock / World

Location: Friendship, NC

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4 tracks

Members: Steven Hall - Michael Hall

Brilliance in Music is hearing something you can see...to not be illusive with words but illustrative with sound. Something for 3 or 5 minutes that makes someone grow instead of just age. Allowing innovation within trends and often used to demonstrate independence in identity. A translation of feelings and metaphors that articulate life itself, making one "en" or "over" joyed, and for some...a reason to exist. Oceans Array is an experimental music production between two brothers who have decided music has too much to offer to create within one genre. Simply put, for the people whos favorite music is everything, meet the people love to play anything. Thank you for opening your mind as well as your ears...


  • Steven Hall said:
    Oh, check myspace.com/oceansarray? gotcha Sep 30
  • Steven Hall said:
    Sweet music. I want to hear some new songs! Sep 30