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Genres: Rock / Electronic / Punk

Location: Joplin, MO

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Members: Brennan Robinson, Jim Schneider, Craig Watkins, Mike Valenti

At the end of last summer, A Storyline Confession was forced to break up. Two of the four members were starting college, one was moving to Arizona, and the other was working full-time. Times were dark, babies cried, villages were ramsacked, days bled into night, and every waking moment sat in hope of the time when ASC would re-form (no exaggeration used - that stuff really happened).
Well that time is now.
In the last two weeks, the band has sprung back to life almost instantly with the addition of drummer, Craig Watkins, and bassist, Mike Valenti. Practicing constantly and trying to get their new set down, the four hope to begin doing concerts by summer.
However, in addition to the change in members, the band is also making another big change- the band will now take on the name "Oceani" (the former name of guitarist Brennan Robinson's solo project). The decision to change the name had actually been made before the initial break-up, but the band was done playing shows by the time the name had been decided on. So Brennan used the name for his solo project so he could give it exposure before the band re-formed. The ASC myspace page will still be utilized for the band, but Oceani page has become the new permanent band page. Here's a link to it: Oceani Myspace. All the old stuff has been taken off, and some new songs have been posted.
We hope you like them.


  • Pookie0818 said:
    Hey Brennan, it\'s Morgan what\'s up...i wantd to write u a cmmnt bt i had to have one of these things so i got 1 just for u b/c i dnt know n e one else on here...lol well, ur music sounds really good, i like it...u need to put some on here of u singing...well, i\'ll ttyl, oh yeah, how do i add u as a friend???i have no idea what i\'m doing!!!lol well, ttyl Pookie Sep 13
  • brandonfullerton said:
    goo Sep 11


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