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Dog sleeping bag guide

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We love a good nights sleep more than any thing. And why should our dogs not experience the same thing. We love to have comfort when we sleep. If someone happens to disturb our sleep, we tend to get irritated. There is nothing like a good nights sleep to refresh us. So, we should try to give the same quality of sleep to our buddy.

There are sleeping bags for dogs available if you are the more adventurous type of person. You can go camping or hiking and make sure that your buddy has a sleeping bag to sleep in. You will be taking your sleeping bag to hunting or camping tricks. So, why not let your dog take advantage of the same. 

Dog sleeping bags comes in variety of shape, sizes and colors. You have to take some factors in to account when selecting a sleeping dog for a puppy. Obviously, the larger the animal is, the larger sleeping bag you have to opt for. You don't want to restrict the movement of the dog completely else it will freak out.

The material of the sleeping bag is important too. You dont want it to irritate the skin of your dog  too much. Ideally go for cotton or nylon material which will be comfortable for your dogs.

Advantages of a dog sleeping bag.

The biggest advantage is obviously preventing your best friend from getting cold. Nights in the jungle tend to be very cold. Dogs dont have the advantage of heavy clothing like we do. A night of cold could leave the dog traumatized badly. So, using a sleeping bag will prevent it from getting cold and keep it warm for a good nights sleep.

The other advantage is that it will prevent mosquito and other insect bites. There are a lot of insects in the forest and they bite! A dog sleeping bag prevents this by protecting the skin of your dog.

Another advantage is that it prevents any allergic reaction to plants in the forest. You don't really know what kind of plants are present in the forest. They can irritate your dog skin. The last thing you want in your camping trip is for your dog to be hurt. It will take your interest off your trip and spoil your mood.

So get a dog sleeping bag to prevent any such mishap and have a great adventure for yourself and your dog too. 


Posted Feb 14, 2015 at 11:35am