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MOH (Manicomio Onirico Hermetico)


Genres: Rock / Blues / Progressive

Location: Spain

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4 tracks

Members: Quique Espinosa, Rulo Montero, Salvador de Juan, Charlie Wagner

MOH was a legendary rock band from Madrid (Spain) born to the late 60s and early 70s in the Barrio de la Concepción. Formed from the friendship between Salva and Charlie, which is him was called by his friend Salva, who knew from children, and then added Quique and Rulo, thus forming a progressive rock band with strong influences of Blues, Psychedelia and Symphonic Rock.

MOH became a trio some years later, due to the temporary absence of Charlie becouse of his very hard and complex job. His return to the band marks a latest stage, which is to retain most of the records that had been preserved before than Salva finally left the band, since he moved to live in Valencia, his hometown, which closes the story of MOH, but not that of his musicians.

MOH live performances was characterized by a distinctive instrumental sound, the long and evocative themes and frequent improvisations. His music was for a time both mystic and ethereal but with a strong electric energy, anticipating to some extent, in what later would become New Age, Neverthelees in the final stage, arose again, without sacrificing any kind of influences, the previus purest rock roots .





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