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Genres: Metalcore / Alternative / Reggae

Location: Italy

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4 tracks

Members: line-up:
DIEGO-drumsENRICO-vox and ethnic instruments

NOWHERE born 1995 by some guys, then after some Rock/Metal experiences, looking for alterative sounds, more open and patternless. With few words we can call NOWHERE style: Crossover!!! ...Raw & violent sounds with alternative-melodic flash!!! After few months NOWHERE start live activity... at now theyre played about 100 live-shows... Most important dates in the band story:
1995 - LIVE AT THE ARENA live-demo-tape (self-production)
1996 - NIAGARA FALLS demo-tape (self-prod.)
1997 - SCREAMS FROM ITALY vol.III CD comp. with: Addiction, Aydra, etc... (D.O.S. rec.)
1997 - ITALIAN EXPERIENCES CD comp. with:Samsara, Reel Fiction, HK,etc. (P.O.E.rec.)
1997 - L.S.D. Demo-tape (self-pr.)
1998 - J.A.M. MCD (Path of Experience Rec.)
1998 - ARGOS CD comp. with: Frukteti, Julies Haircut, Crackhouse, Bastet, etc...
2000 - 5Y-LIVE live-CD (self-pr.)
2000 - PAOLO its the new (and current) singer
2001 - TIME TO MOVE CD comp. with: Extrema, Raw Power, Crackdown, PAY... (NoBrain rec.)
2001 - PROMO 2001 promo CD (self-pr.)
2002 - PSYCHOSONIC vol.34 CD comp. by PSYCHO magazine.
2002 - STATIC EXEMPLAR n.16 CD comp. by american STATIC zine.
2002 - ...RAGE AFTER SILENCE! Promo CD (self-pr.)
2003 - CARLO stop to play guitar and leave the band
2003 - Top-Demo ...R.A.S.! by METAL SHOCK n.385
2003 - PSYCHOSONIC vol.46 CD comp. by PSYCHO magazine
2003 - 02Aq CD... 11 tracks + remix mp3, video, etc... (self-pr.)
2004 - Top demo review of "02Aq" on METAL SHOCK n.397
2004 - It's out song "Saint Whore" on CD comp. "AKOMPILATION vol.I" with: Panic Roots, Action Men, Sin Driven Tide, Juglans Regia, etc. (AKOM prod.)
2004 - It's out "1st TRIPS" CD-r who collect firsts demo-tapes + videos, etc. (self-prod.)
2005 - There's a new entry in the band his name 's Enrico and he's an ethnic polyinstrumentalist and a second vocalist.
2005 - Andrea leaves the band and Simone substitutes him on the bass.
2006 coming soon Akompilation vol.2 with the new song Declaration
2006 Dvd momentary leaves the band and Mauro (from Fear Flames) substitutes him on the guitar.
2006 It's out now the nu MCD "No prayer for the buyer" available from the band.see the reviews on the site
2007 "Master of betrayal" was chosed for represent Nowhere on Akompilation vol.3
2008 "Lula Hope" on the next Akompilation vol.4
2008 It's out M.O.U.W. the nu ep with 5 songs




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