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Nova Red


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Louisville, KY

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4 tracks

Members: V. Arla, R. Borkar, B. Compton, M. Taul, B. La France

This house of friendship began as two, Rahul Borkar and Praveen Arla, at an early age in hometown Louisville, Ky. Both were passionate and talented musicians invested into the hardcore/rock music scene playing in several bands. A division of styles emerged as Rahul began working with main stream rock band, Breckinridge, on guitars and Praveen playing guitars in the Indie rock band Christiansen signing to Eulogy and later to Revelation records. It was not till several years later after extensive touring, major label offers or career changes these two friends would reemerge there writing styles to form a hybrid of both main stream and indie music in the form of Nova Red. Finding musicians to play shows was never an issue, but finding the perfect combination of complementary souls willing to play was difficult. It was not till long time friend Brad Compton joined after a tour of chemistry experimentation in California that the band was solidifying. Completing this line up joined Bruce La France and Matt Taul from Tantric/Days of the New in 2006 Currently, the band is tracking a new series of songs with Rock producer Malcolm Springer due for delivery in Summer 2007.

Nova Red originate from the Smashing Pumpkins/Jane's Addiction-type punk/grunge sound- LMN

Powerful, melodic and rockin' in that memorable fashion Eddy Metal

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Members were in or are currently part of these bands:
Christiansen, Days of the New, Tantric, Breckinridge


  • mattybroadhead1989 said:
    new songs any time soon ???????? =) Nov 22
  • mattybroadhead1989 said:
    very nice. i agree timeless fall is ace. i just got the album from cdbaby.com and i'm not disappointed. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Jun 19
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 30
  • coco1155 said:
    Hey from Texas! Cool music! Keep it up! Aug 07
  • Will said:
    greetings from Peru its music is very good Jul 30
  • mychemaiden said:
    timeless fall is an amazing song...so yea. i love you guys already. the vocals are amazing, and the guitars are just...heavenly. let me know when you make a video for this song. cuz i have a feeling that it\'ll be as beautiful...wootx10!!! hahaha... Jul 13
  • ~Sparky~fueledbylove said:
    awesome music guys! new fav band right here! !..! keep up the great music =D Jul 13
  • Malinerz said:
    you guys are like my new favorite band .. for life !!! i love all the songs they are awesome !! cant wait til u guys go on tour! i would definetly go to everyone no matter where they were ! Jul 12
  • said:
    hey whats up guys? listen, your stuff is really great, its nice to see a new band that has a good handle on their sound. seriously, keep up the good work!! Jul 11
  • cable36 said:
    you need a better line-up photo for your profile image. this is too vauge Jul 11
  • gahbee__x said:
    You guys are mad good. I\'m loving what I\'m hearing. :] Jul 10
  • gahbee__x said:
    You guys are mad good. I\'m loving what I\'m hearing. :] Jul 10
  • nicolecl191 said:
    Hey a friend gave me your page, glad she did, you have a really nice sound. =] Can\'t wait till you get on a big tour... stop in CT =D Jul 09
  • xxxracer55 said:
    nice songs guys, keep it coming....glad your friend recamended better thank her!! lol Jul 09
  • blondechick_katrina said:
    wow you guys are really good i love goodbye Jul 08

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