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Genres: Progressive / Rock

Location: Trieste, Italy

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4 tracks

Members: Christian Hirsch - drums, Giuseppe Mechi - bass guitar, Michele Rizzi - Vox guitars songwriter

Notturna became a band in 1987 thanks to the lead singer and guitarist Michele Rizzi. Since their first recordings and live performances the band has been appreciated and positively reviewed from local reporters.
The bands particular and somehow indefinable sound - written and interpreted in Italian - is usually identified as Italian dark rock. The style feels the effects of many different musical influences opportunely mixed, so as to create a very unusual sound, quite different from classic metal.

In those years Notturna's multiple experiences, such as winning first regional and then national music competitions (that allowed them to play in major spaces like Palatrussardi or Forum in Milan), consented them to grow up artistically. As a result the band recorded Un'altra luna, the first mini-cd; unfortunately, marketing problems and misunderstandings between the band and the management came to light and produced negative effects on the demos distribution.

Michele Rizzi and his band didn't give up: in 1996 a new asset through the line-up change expanded sound and technique towards an evolution that led Notturna close to progressive rock.
In 1997 a keyboard player turnover occurred and in the same year the band recorded a 2nd cd following many months of rehearsals in order to merge all the instruments.
After only 2 weeks recording at the Palace recording studio in Udine, in June 1998 Notturnas first and official cd Illusioni came to light; it was then remixed by Fulvio Zafret, co-produced and distributed in collaboration with Guerrino Perovich, for Bluetattomusic label in Trieste.

After a short period of radio advertising, Illusioni sold over 500 copies in only 2 weeks editing the best articles from local and specialized magazines and the 1999 nomination as the best new rock band by a national radio network, Radio 105.

From 1999 to 2001 Notturna played supporting Timoria, Tiromancino and Meganoidi.
Nowadays the band, temporarily playing without keyboards, is exploring new sounds trying to create refined but catchy harmonies at the same time.

Notturna are always searching for new paths where to propose their musical genre: for this reason the band makes few public appeareances, only those considered more suitable to their image.

Ready for a new discography adventure with their last release CD "Le Tue Ali"(published in November 2005 by Musical Box srl) together with other new compositions (possibly out of any classical scheme, though providing the average listener with some substance in the melody), Notturna are always searching for new paths where to propose their musical language, which is always growing and evolving.

Now, The band has produced a new album " Dentro me" to publish as soon as possible.
We look for who is really interested to our music!!
The sample to audio can be listened on this link:


Notturna are:
Christian Hirsch – Drums.
Giuseppe Mechi –Bass.
Michele Rizzi – Guitars, vocals, song writing, keyboards, sound effects etc…

Michele Rizzi , Calle Oberdan n° 36 C.A.P.34015 Muggia (TS) Italy.

e-mail: notturnamusic@libero.it or/and michelerizzi@notturna.net .
Web Site: http: www.notturna.net http://www.myspace.com/notturna



Le Tue Ali

Sep 22, 2005


Dec 20, 1998