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NorthRidge FL


Genres: Pop Punk / Emo / Screamo

Location: Wellington, FL

Stats: 22 fans / 524 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Evan CJ & Chris

C.J. Ehrenberg - Vocals
Evan Kelly - Guitar/ Vocals
Chris Bernard - Drums
Ryan Mckenzie- Bass


We're NorthRidge and we come from Wellington, FL. We've been playing together for about 11 months.


  • said:
    ryan is my love Sep 12
  • Sonnymooreisagodd said:
    ello, little buddies :D Jul 16
  • bukkie said:
    get some new songs in. not bad though May 08
  • femmexxxxfatalex said:
    Apr 15
  • Janet said:
    Pretty sure I love your song on here. It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling inside my tummy. haha. You should put some more songs on here. Mar 25
  • hisShiningStar said:
    you guys are doing awesome with your music. i\'m way proud of you, wish i could see you dudes play more. oh, and i\'m lookin forward to seeing your new keyboard player in action. heart, -tAy ps-love you evan Mar 08
  • extreamsn16 said:
    if i have to i will fuck everyone of u guys untill u bleed from your dirty little assholes and then shave your heads and make u eat horse shit while i fuck your mothers while u watch and cry like little winny bitches Feb 16
  • BigVal said:
    Cletus u lied to me u said there was a black guy in the group lol well that doesnt matter u guys sound RaW!!!! Feb 08
  • bpmikeb16 said:
    Damn you guys are playing at Rays? I thought they\'d condemned that place! I\'d go but I don\'t have $8 and I live in South Carolina and Chris smells. Feb 04
  • extreamsn16 said:
    im making u guys a myspace cause im bored Feb 02
  • extreamsn16 said:
    i like the song it sounds good and lighten up in your pics fella\'s your looking way to emo! Turn Tose Frowns Upside Down!!! Feb 01


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