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North Lounge


Genres: Alternative / Indie / Acoustic

Location: USA

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Members: Gus, Chris, and John

North Lounge is 3 guys from south-western Connecticut who like to make a song out of whatever sounds good.

It all began in their freshman year at NCHS, when Chris and Gus were in the same earth science and gym classes. Chris had begun to play the bass, and Gus was eager to form something with at least some resemblance of a band. They combined their musical talents (we'll leave the interpretation of talent up to you) and formed the musical duo North Lounge, named in honor of the northern section of the cafeteria where they ate lunch. Some time passed until Chris and Gus finally produced their first song, "Rise Up", a silly little reggae riff that they wrote in about 5 minutes. In preparation for their school's annual battle of the bands, they wrote a second song, "Six Ten". North Lounge first performed in their high school gym front of a small crowd with two little amps and no drummer. Gus was shaking and sweating profusely, but somehow they pulled off a decent show.

A year later John volunteered to be North Lounge's drummer (thank god), and the new and improved North Lounge began writing material again...




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United States


United States


214 North Temple Condominium, United States

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