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North Lincoln Pro


Genres: Punk / Pop Punk / Punk

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Stats: 114 fans / 30,173 plays / 8 plays today





7 tracks

Members: Brian Beckwith, John Massel, Kevin Nunn

You Deciede North Lincoln's FEST V Setlist Contest!!
That's Right. Instead of hearing that people were bummed because they didn't hear certain songs, now everyone can tell us what they want to hear. We set up an online poll where you can choose 10 SONGS that you want to hear us play, and who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and hear all 10.
Here's the link to the poll:
So check it out and tell us what you want to hear.

We started in the summer of '99 as kind of a side project for all of us. Little did we know that this band would become the main focus and everything else would eventually become the side project to this. We formed the band out of our love for the early 90's punk scene in Berkeley,CA and the bands that came from that time period. We are also heavily inspired by the music scene that was and still is flourishing in the swampy region of Gainesville, FL. Bands like Jawbreaker, Samiam, Fifteen, and Radon helped shape what our sound is today. We recently released our first album called "Truth Is A Menace" on No Idea Records and we've been touring our asses off like crazy since then, so come out to one of ours shows, say hi, have a drink with us, and hang out.

You can also find more songs available for download here:

What's Coming Up:
New Full Length Album on No Idea Records
Art Of The Underground Single Series 7"
Split 7" w/The Pine (Bakersfield, CA)
Split 7" w/Glass And Ashes (Ventura, CA)

Listening Pleasure:

We'll Inherit The Earth Compilation
A Tribute to The Replacements on 1-2-3-4 GO! Records

Split 7" w/The Gibbons (Detroit, MI) on Salinas Records
two new :NL songs and the last three gibbons songs.

"Truth Is A Menace" LP/CD on No Idea Records
our first real album. twelve songs.

"Apology" CDep on Salinas Records
has five extra songs not on the 7". seven songs total.

"Apology" 7" on The Support Group
has two songs not on the CDep version. four songs total.

"Xorlias" Demo Tape on The Support Group
"apology" sessions demos and some unreleased stuff. nine songs.

"Viaje" CDep on The Support Group/Eat Richard
our first main release. six songs.

We Also Rock Out In/Have Rocked Out In:
Don Knotts, Bear Hugs!, The Hartford Whalers, Press Junket, Mustard Plug, Belmonts Descendant, The Andorras (Sweet Baby cover band), The Addictives, Drive, Glorified Trash


  • vanessa said:
    love the sound like the beat of it all! keep it up :D Jul 28
  • koula said:
    My too very good band. Dec 21
  • LoVe Me 4EvEr & AlWaYs said:
    i just found u guys and i have to say i already love you. keep on rockin my socks off :) Jul 23
  • UnlabeledRadical said:
    You sound like great musicians!! I love all the instruments, aweome. \"Back to school\" and \"White River,Blood River\" are awesome! And I love the lyrics to \"My 10 Year Plan\". Nov 23
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    I have a Podcast, and I want to do a full 5-8 song show featuring an indie band or artist! If you are interested, add a link to my podcast on your MySpace, PureVolume, and on your other sites if you have any. Whoever e-mails me first with the links on their sites will be featured on my podcast. The link to my podcast is http://kylewallace.podbean.com and my email is blue216@rogers.com Jun 02
  • aunt tara said:
    love the New Demo Apr 30
  • aunt tara said:
    hey there brian. i still have that picture... you remember the one! the one you told me to give you when you made an album. still clueless? i think you were maybe 10, and you were imitating me. you stuffed your shirt...and wore a bikini bottom and spring hat... yeah i still have it, want it? aunt tara Apr 30
  • Chase13 said:
    ...rock on!!!! Sep 07
  • julia___b3atdown said:
    Coolio Band. Jul 28
  • YourReallyLame50 said:
    hey i love your songs. i really like drink michigan drink. good times. [kaitlin] May 13

Gibbons split 7"

May 12, 2006

Truth Is A Menace

Nov 05, 2005

Apology 7

Nov 30, 1999


No release date

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