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  • longtimefan said:
    Just a week away!!!!! I know you guys are going to do great! Sep 28
  • bleedingmelody said:
    You guys are amazing, I can\'t stop listening to you. You\'re so unique and refreshing to listen to after all that\'s out there. You guys are great and I am buying your cd right now.. Aug 27
  • caro-bren said:
    Congrats on making it to the ^ of unsigned boys! you have real talent and I can\'t wait to see you go places! *mwah* Jul 07
  • kasadeea8 said:
    WOAH! Its so awesome u guy are on the \"top unsigend artists list\" I saw u guy at Crossrads Pres. Church in Crossroads & u rock! Jun 25
  • jethrojunkie said:
    Wow...what more can I say...?... ...okay, apparantly a little. This is something delightfully fresh and good, and I look forward to hearing much more from you guys. Keep up the a w e s o m e work...! Jun 24
  • KAHUNASAN said:
    At times reminiscent of U2 and Simple Minds musically and vocally, with great harmonics from their shimmering guitar work.....\"Galaxy\" is a must download and Northern Room is a band to watch in the future. Jun 23
  • Acuma said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 23
  • StephanieAnn said:
    You Guys are amazing!!! Lots of Love! Bless. -Stephanie Jun 22
  • Vanessa Schmidt said:
    i absolutley love your voice/es :D Jun 22
  • Cyberken said:
    hii it\'s nice to see that there are still people out there who can make really good music ^^ songs like \"Galaxy\" and \"Last Embrace\" are my favorites... I like the lyrics. I\'m looking forward to the next record :) Jun 21
  • bloodyintensions said:
    love that song \'Galaxy\'. (: you guys are awesome. Jun 21
  • musicgrl357 said:
    hey, pretty awesome guys! Jun 19
  • jake_rohde said:
    Hey guys whats up? Love the music. Tony and Micah, whats up? i am going to try and catch you guys at shank hall... Voted for you on WKTI, and i am telling everyone i know to vote as well... Good luck, i hope things work out there, that would be sweet, i would be stoked... Jan 19