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  • Chris said:
    I have been waiting for you guys to go back on tour, and I just found out you guys broke up today thru purevolume. I agree with ashley, why do all the good bands break-up? Anyways, I saw you guys open up for Jack's Mannequin 2 years ago at Bradley University and you guys were awesome. Aug 27
  • Ashley said:
    Why do all of the amazing bands break up? That just ruined my day :( Jan 11
  • vampirate1979 said:
    Hey! I just saw you guys on Wednesday at Break. I'm really sad to hear that you are breaking up. :( The best of luck to all of you. Oct 20
  • Katie said:
    I saw you guys at summerfest. you were amazing...as usual! :) i love you guys!!!! Jul 08
  • Rylie Tristin said:
    i just was at summerfest last night to watch your show and it was amazing. Jun 29
  • Shane Arman said:
    Hey guys...nice show in Waukesha,WI at the Taste Of Summer!!! I loved how is was like a private show and that you took requests from me (i was sitting in the front row and center). You sound amazing live, i don't know how you do it. looking forward to summer solstice and summerfest and hopefully i get to meet you guys!! i heard a couple new songs also which im really excited for!! Jun 09
  • LO LIN said:
    Hey thanks for coming to the high school last night i was like so excited all day because the first time i saw you guys was at the benifit concert for Tanzinia for my church and i've loved you guys ever since!!! and i got like a ton of my friends into guys and we couldn't stop talking about how amazing the show was i can't wait for you guys to do another show in West Bend!!! your amazing!!!! May 22
  • rewind0010 said:
    Waiting makes me smile :) Jan 25
  • LJax35 said:
    You guys are fucking amazing. Oct 29
  • super_ana said:
    i found your profile accidentally and I really don\'t regret it! I can only WOW! your songs are really good!I love Galaxy! I Hope your band will be \'\'on fire\'\' for a long time! Jul 01
  • ducere lupinus said:
    Loving the music like guys May 29
  • rewind0010 said:
    Is that a violin? I LOVE IT!!!!!! :) May 26
  • clau_alv said:
    Hey guys! I\'m from MEXICO! I was just fooling around and I got to your profile on purevolume... and let me tell you, I HAD to download your song We\'re on Fire. I wish you could add the lyrics. I read your Billboard and visited your site and I would also want to know more about the band. =) ! May 22
  • stfuthnx said:
    ok i\'m leaving another comment but that just shows how much i really love we\'re on fire... but anyways so i\'m basically really excited because once you guys become famous i\'ll tell everybody i liked you first and then i can be proud. that gives me bragging rights, yes? gracias. May 21
  • stfuthnx said:
    oh my god this is aboslutely amazing. no joke. like really really really good. omg i really like this haha i\'m listening right now. ok byeee. May 21
  • stfuthnx said:
    wow a good band. thanks :] May 21
  • a god among men said:
    OMG you guys are awesome! Make sure you come to Atlanta on your next tour. May 21
  • call0me7cari said:
    good stuff. Mar 04
  • MGdancechica said:
    hey guys! idk if this makes any sense but a friend of someone that is related to you told me about u guys and ever since my friends are like whats the band on ur ipod...anyways just seeing whats up...and do u ever do concerts in madison or mostly just milwaukee?... Rach Jan 09
  • batburnsblue said:
    you guys give music a whole new meaning. whenever i listen to you, my world stops and all i hear is you. your music takes the worst moments of my life and makes it all float away. i seriously love you guys like ALOT. send me a message is you ever come to Portland, OR mkkay? thanks for the great music. Nov 11