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Comments (22)

  • Brittey Boo :] said:
    oh it sounds so good. i need the cd....too bad im pretty much poor :[ but it still sounds amazing! xoxo Jan 29
  • sakuku992 said:
    very like Norma Jean.....Good Job! Jul 25
  • Matiaspalillo said:
    kewl album :O May 26
    Blueprints for Future homes and A Temperamental Widower oh yeah keep itz up how did yall get this 1 so fast it was so fast, you\'d think itd sound rushed. but it sounded PERFECT. Nov 08
  • !bob1979! said:
    just bought the cd. me loves it.cool album art Sep 13
  • BluEMaSHoOCOOkoO said:
    this one is awesomeerrr....oh yeah i like it alot..... Sep 10
  • said:
    If you want to hear some more Norma Jean, just check out the profile on Purevolume for Luti-Kriss, the band that changed their name to Norma Jean. This was back when Josh was the vocalist. Use this link to get to Luti-Kriss : Aug 16
  • mwm*comfreak*32* said:
    holy cow. the cd is flippin awesome. totally better than the other cd\'s. ;) Aug 14
  • said:
    Dude you guys are the best ever, I listen to all kinds of metal and you guys totally own it all. No one can make metal sound good like you guys, COME DOWN TO FLORIDA! lol i need to hear you in a concert, BECAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK! Aug 08
  • blackblood13 said:
    its a little diffrent, but it still sounds awesome! Aug 06
  • MJB77 said:
    Awesome album cover. I\'m really looking forward to hearing the songs. God bless. Aug 05
  • bassbomb said:
    realy it rocks! cant get enough of it! looking forward to the new album! by the way: come to holland sometime, there are something like a milion guys who are dying to rock the floor with you ;) God bless you guys! Aug 05
  • Drew said:
    u guys rock i like the new stuff! Aug 04
  • said:
    whoever says this album won\'t be brutal is retarted. Norma Jean will forever own hardcore. Aug 04
  • recklesslyLOOKINGforTHEtruth10 said:
    i need more. i just need more! Aug 04