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No Name Road


Genres: Jazz / Rock / Jam Band

Location: Mays Landing, NJ

Stats: 3 fans / 1,262 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Kyle - Nick - Mike - Sean - Derek

4/11/05 - Ok. So two months may be a long time. Sue us - we're busy and sexy.

Anyways, everyone on behalf of NNR apologizes for two things:
1) For keeping all of you fans frothing at the mouth, and
2) Not announcing Mikey's birthday

Trust me, I'm feeling quite terrible about the second one in particular. Mike is the reason there is a NNR - he is the most talented, most lovable, and most sideburned member of the band, not to mention the fact that he's a hell of a guy and a great friend. He's dedicated, and he can always make playing music and everything in general nothing but fun for everyone. Thanks Mikey!

So, to Mike, I apologize, and I hope everyone who reads this can wish him a bon anniversaire on his behalf.

Oh yeah, one more thing...Summer is comming.

Wage Peace,

2/3/04 - Well, it's 8:48 am, I have Dispatch on the headphones, and I thought to myself - instead of preparing for class, why don't I write to you guys!?

Ok, everone sing along...
Happy Birthday To Kyle
Happy Birthday To Kyle
Happy Birthday Dear Bass Player that rocks
Happy Birthday To You...!

That's right, our favorite funk co-ordinator turned 19 yesterday. Be sure to say happy birthday.

NNR has a busy schedule ahead of us. If all goes according to plan, we will be playing two college shows - one battle at Temple (with the winner earning studio time), the other at a musical blowout at Mount St. Mary's Mountapalooza. Exciting things are on the way...stay tuned.

As for other news, check out http://www.purevolume.com/blessingharmonica. This band is spearheaded by our longtime friend Dan Pauro and is kickin' ass.

We encourage all you MySpace users to be part of the No Name Road Fans group. Here, members of the band will be in DIRECT CONTACT with you, plus you'll all that juicy NNR gossip before anyone else, making you the coolest person ever among your friends. You know it, don't try to argue.

Alright, I've gabbed enough.

Stay classy, San Diego.

1/19/04 - Hey gang. Just writing to update you of a cool site at http://www.freewebs.com/nnrstreetteam. This project is spearheaded by our good friend Bob Gold and is just a fun litte page you can go to for all things NNR, including some polls, pics, and (eventually) merch.

As for the band, we're now back in college working on our solo projects and new NNR material (except Derek of course, he's still a High Schooler...mwa ha ha).

The next goal seems to be recording some of our new songs and getting prepared for this summer.

This summer will be forever known as the Summer of NNR!

Peace Out,

1/15/04 - THANKS TO EVERYONE LAST NIGHT, the fans and especially For Ever Eldorado. It was an amazing show and all the bands did really good. In the end we came on top and pulled out a WIN! We were really shocked we were just happy to play. THANKS TO EVERYONE AGAIN. We will be seeing you all very soon.

1/12/04 - No Name Road debut show in 2 days!!

NNR would OFFICIALLY like to welcome our drummer, Derek "Afro Thunda" Forbes, to the band.

Lucky for you NNR followers, you'll get to hear Derek and the rest of us in 2 short days! Time to get stoked!

Also debuting at the show, 2 brand new songs, Closer to Me and Flashes of Blue.

Free No Name Road D E M O s will be given out to the first 122 lucky fans. Why 122? That's a secret...

Go to the show and get these limited edition collector CDs ASAP!

1/07/05 - Hey gang, we just launched a myspace account. It's still young, but feel free to visit us there and leave some love or other thoughts and also see our own spins on things. http://www.myspace.com/nonameroad

1/05/05 - SHOW UPDATE

We are officially booked to play with For Ever Eldorado on January 14th. The show will take place at the Hammonton Rollway Center and begin at 7 p.m.

1/04/05 - Happy New Year from the NNR family!

Some big news for all you loyal NNR fans out there - new songs are on the way!

The new songs are entitled Closer to Me, a song about being close to a certain someone in one way - but being a million miles away in another way at the same time, and Critic of a Saint, a dance song for the ages about moving on to bigger and better things. There's also one more as of right now untitled piece in the works.

Other songs that are in our rotation that you may have not heard include two fan favorites, the smooth jazz flow of Over and Eyes Dark With Makeup, about a girl.

The big news of the week, however, is that the members of NNR are currently working to play in a show on Friday, January 14th. Nothing is confirmed as of yet as the details are being ironed out. Stay tuned for more information.





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